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Jorycle t1_iybkgx8 wrote

Every company that receives any kind of incentive to boost any product or service or whatever should have to say in big letters "WE WERE PAID TO SAY THIS." Make the fines big enough that companies are afraid of the consequences.

Like 95% of the shit you see on the internet would be plastered with "WE WERE PAID TO SAY THIS."


infinitum3d t1_iychk2v wrote

I have never known anyone to advertise for free.


Jorycle t1_iycpw9t wrote

Sure, but it's not about identifying whether an ad was paid for, it's about identifying ads. People are understandably not aware that most of what they see is an ad. Most product reviews are ads. Most "best X" articles are just ads. Most news articles about products are ads. Even on social media, a non-zero number of people's posts are just ads. Some of this is illegal, but even then the consequences are so low that we end up with articles like the above where Google pays next to nothing for the infraction.


infinitum3d t1_iydkf9m wrote

Agreed. But my rule of thumb is to assume that everything I read/hear is someone trying to influence me. Ergo: everything is an ad