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TheFormless0ne t1_ixos04t wrote

As if the human cops with morality are doing a good job of deciding what to do. FUCK no.


Neriek t1_ixos7pq wrote

You know they'd probably end up doing a better job than humans lmao


ihnageek t1_ixpdu7a wrote

It’ll literally be faceless humans controlling death bots. Where could it go wrong?


AustinRhea t1_ixq97yq wrote

Screams of a militant police force. As if we already don’t have that imagine how hard it would be to audit officers who pull the trigger on a robot from miles away.


the-old-baker-man t1_ixpoaep wrote

This will be human cops without the accountability.


Enthios t1_ixqdrpf wrote

What's the difference? They won't have to be relocated to a different station when they murder somebody?


hulking_menace t1_ixovcaa wrote

This isn't AI. It's remote control, like when Dallas PD used a bomb detection robot to blow up a barricaded suspect a few years back.


dsrmpt t1_ixow2b8 wrote

I wasn't thrilled with that one, but when it is a guy barricaded with oodles of guns, ready to kill all the cops as they attack, strapping a bomb to a robot feels about right.

But putting a gun on a robot hits different. Worse for some reason.


Ardothbey t1_ixouu5s wrote

Hey it worked out great in Robocop didn’t it?


Vaeon t1_ixp0f7o wrote

It was so inspirational to so many.


reclusive_ent t1_ixoxhc4 wrote

I've think the concept has some merit (not lethally armed, though). Police consistently use "fear for my safety" as a reason to use lethal force, even in situations it's unnecessary. Using hardware instead of humans would negate that argument. Load them up with LTLs and cameras, and speakers. Use them in any scenario that they feel an officer would be endangered. Barricade situations, hostage situations, high risk traffic encounters etc. If they encounter a sketchy situation, pull back and await assistance. It could be win/win for both police and anyone forced to interact with them.


ZsMann t1_ixp1c8s wrote

That's hoping that the fear for safety part will be used efficiently and not like it is used presently


DoomGoober t1_ixpmi88 wrote

I suggested this idea on the police sub and they absolutely hated it. For suspects that are possibly giving up, have a mechanical hand cuff and have them cuff themselves before the officers come out of cover (cameras, latch that detects it's closed correctly, maybe attached to a heavy ass robot.)

For non-compliant suspects, pepper spray or taser deployed from the robot.

They said the suspects would use the robot as a weapon and many suspects would try to break it just out of spite.

But if it means both the officer and the suspect survive I feel like it's worth it.


QuestionableAI t1_ixotjv7 wrote

If, and I say if , it were used in hostage situation, bomb calls, and such instances ... however, nothing ever stays in it's lane and it goes south sooner or later.


ReadditMan t1_ixoyo2e wrote

I can't help but laugh at the thought of criminals getting a hold of these robots in the future, using them to commit crimes and getting into gun fights with the robots operated by the cops.


omega__man t1_ixoyjfb wrote

Read the gd article man


QuestionableAI t1_ixp0apu wrote

I did. And you can STFU because I can, like you, say WTF I want.


omega__man t1_ixp15sp wrote

Wow. You ok?


QuestionableAI t1_ixp5osy wrote

I am great. I live in a weed smoking state and if I offended you or confused you ... sit back, light up and enjoy. Be well.


omega__man t1_ixp69yt wrote

You sure you’re ok, you seem really upset.


QuestionableAI t1_ixp6i54 wrote

That is sweet, you worrying about me.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well.


launchrocket t1_ixosvwc wrote

Since when does San Francisco enforce laws? 😂


TonyAlamo777 t1_ixovonv wrote

No. The robot fights with people in the 24 hour taco bell at 3am.


Trpepper t1_ixouyog wrote

Always, they just don’t actually do anything.


dudeonrails t1_ixot2ml wrote

How lazy do you have to be that you need a robot to violate people’s rights because you just can’t be bothered.


ReadditMan t1_ixoy92h wrote

I feel like you didn't actually read the article...


IrishRage42 t1_ixoxqhn wrote

Dead or alive you're coming with me.


PrimeBrisky t1_ixoyhrc wrote

That would require San Francisco PD to actually do their job though. That won't work.


Honest_Egg_6550 t1_ixp0rm7 wrote

“I didn’t shoot that black man. It was the robot.“

Wait for the legal fights when some murderous cop kills some innocent person and claims they aren’t legally culpable because all they did was operate a remote. Or how about this: they didn’t know how to operate the remote properly, or there was a technical problem of some sort leading to the shooting. If these guys can repeatedly claim they don’t remember how to use body cams, you don’t think some bad actors will find every way they can to wash their hands of culpability for what a remote controlled robot does?


jorsiem t1_ixp3blc wrote

I too saw robocop


Mehitabel9 t1_ixoxqzs wrote

What could possibly go wrong


Vaeon t1_ixp0cid wrote

To be clear, this is not "weaponizing" robots, okay? That would be something entirely different...somehow.


eyrie88 t1_ixpmuu6 wrote

Omni Consumer Products has entered the chat


Aphy8 t1_ixq0l12 wrote

Robot should be aptly called U-evade


iqisoverrated t1_ixqbv5z wrote

I'm sure there will be no problems with this /s


Peter225c t1_ixqlmt1 wrote

And so it begins.


JD_5643 t1_ixqmnk9 wrote

Boston Dynamics may have pledged not to do this. But SFPD has entered the chat.


sirZofSwagger t1_ixr822o wrote

Lets just skip straight to skynet and terrinators


skunksmasher t1_ixrwp05 wrote

I hope they are being controlled tho, maybe by a net thing in the sky?


Popomatik t1_ixsz2gi wrote

I wonder if less people would be killed from police because they can no longer use the “I feared for my life excuse.”?


omega__man t1_ixoyoj5 wrote

Imagine commenting after reading the article.


superbigscratch t1_ixp37z4 wrote

Police rotbot with shotguns have been around since the 1990’s.


NoRazzmatazz2000 t1_ixp4216 wrote

How many times we gonna see people post about this same topic?


assault_shakr t1_ixp5sr2 wrote

🎵 stop fuckin posting this seen it 50 times🎶


Netplorer t1_ixppfjb wrote

Yeah, no robots with deadly force, to yes definetly killer robots right now in a few years... This will be great.

When the 1% has robots to perform mindless violence to the 99% ... we will slump back to the new dark age of lords and slaves.