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Wuvluv t1_ixdbowo wrote

Firefox mobile let's you use AdBlock on your mobile device. Just a reminder.


[deleted] t1_ixcka7b wrote

It’s pretty shitty not having privacy when you use any form of technology. I turn off all the tracking and shit, but I buy a bottle of fireball and all I see for a week later on YouTube is fireball ads. I don’t know if they’re listening to advertisers keywords, or track my bank statements but it’s concerning


themagicbong t1_ixfmrut wrote

There's really no way you're avoiding all the different tracking methods as an avg user. There are literally companies who's entire job is to try and assemble all the data that exists about you, into profiles with your name on it. The more accurately they can do it, the better for them, as they can then resell it for higher value. It's why every fucking thing you do is watched to some degree.

You can watch trends, find out a whole lot about a person if you gather so many thousands of different data points, and then combine them all. Even "anonymized" data very often isn't even close to being "anonymous" and can more often than not be tied back to a single unique individual. Fact is, there's nobody that moves their mouse across the screen quite like you do. Or whatever it may be. There are so many different ways to identify people nowadays.


joevsyou t1_ixd91lu wrote

How dare you have your own browser installed on your own product!!! /s


mtomweb t1_ixejiw6 wrote

It’s banning the competition that is the primary issue.


jpb225 t1_ixg1aii wrote

Does Google ban competing browsers? Never heard of anything like that.


Wh00ster t1_ixfwu3e wrote

Bad take. This is bad for consumers


lightworkday t1_ixih6jq wrote

i agree but what is the alternative? Forcing manufacturers to install someone else's browser? Wasting space by having multiple? Having none by default and messing up the new user experience? Hoping another company properly codes and tests their software on your devices for you so the user experience doesn't suffer?

As long as the google and apple continues to allow other browsers on the store, I don't see a better alternative. It's the internet explorer monopoly all over again.


MrJake94 t1_ixfam3d wrote

I mean, it's not so bad on Android. You actually have a choice of browsers, and they're actually different browsers. E.g my Samsung phone came with its own (shit) browser - I immediately installed Firefox.

The last time I used iPhone I was excited to see Firefox was a browser option... until I later found it was simply a Safari Skin. Further reading and I found all "custom" browser's on iPhone were basically a skin for Safari, perhaps with a few settings tweaked.

And finally, Google Chrome is cancer. The browser once loved by many, the browser that quite literally revolutionised the internet - now actively seemingly trying to rollback on a lot of its potential now it has such a huge market share.

Avoid Google Chrome, basically. Do yourself a favour and install Firefox (or any other non-chromium browser).