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Lootcifer- t1_ix47kbw wrote

Making starlink look like a bunch of bitches


Content_Flamingo_583 t1_ix4qixc wrote

Musk went full Republican and now his brand is toxic. Everyone is rooting for him to fail now. (Except his hardened maga reply guys.)


Harmless_Drone t1_ix5j0ao wrote

It was the posts suggesting ukraine surrender to russia then when getting called out on it by ukrainian politicians, filling his pants with shit and threatening to cut off ukraine from starlink after promising them its full support. Real petulant child behaviour.


AdakaR t1_ix5isr3 wrote

He also threatened to pull service mid war to Ukraine, so now the US is making their own, EU is making their own.. its as if he might be a moron..


quettil t1_ix73uba wrote

If you think that's true you spend too much time online.


CGordini t1_ix5azry wrote

I love his tech (revolutionary in both EV and space, where you like it or not), and am still rooting for him to fail.

The only sad part is the money evaporates, not redistributes.

Fuck that asshole.


ibond_007 t1_ix5cufp wrote

I don’t know about SpaceX. But EV is not revolutionary! All he did was packaged and sold the EV at a price affordable to the upper middle class. There are no special battery tech ( like solid state batteries etc) nor revolutionary motors ( Tesla motors are second grade compared to Lucid). He was lucky and was able to over promise and sell. The chicken is coming to roost soon.


Harmless_Drone t1_ix5j5mb wrote

He rushed his cars to market by cutting every qa step possible. The fit and finish is atrocious, with massive gaps and parts not fitting all over them.


d01100100 t1_ix5tvn1 wrote

> The fit and finish is atrocious, with massive gaps and parts not fitting all over them.

I remember back in the late 80's if you compared the construction of Honda vs GM, you'd notice a major difference of how the outer body panels fit together. The Honda would be a consistent width all the way through. The GM vehicles were vary widely in how the car panels would fit together. If you look closely at the Tesla Model 3's, they're as bad, if not worse, than how the GM cars were. Compare two Model 3's side-by-side and you'll notice they're not consistent to each other.


ibond_007 t1_ix5kuti wrote

Fit and finish is one part of the issue. The biggest issue is, the cars will fall apart in 6-10 years time frame. Tesla is not customer centric anymore, so the customers holding the car will be seeing huge bill when it breaks down!


forahive t1_ix6cjty wrote

Yea what a horrible piece of crap he is; stepping up practically overnight to deliver free internet access for an entire country when the need was dire and footing most of the bill. Clearly, all those lurking anonymously through social media, dropping political shittakes as they go, are light-years ahead in morality, civility, and general value to humanity.

So the EU wants to throw its hat in nextgen internet access. Bravo, competition is good. State operated telecom ehhhh not so good but, hey, privacy is such a frivolous thing anyways and its not like Europeans had much of it to begin with. However, I bet a steak dinner that says the EU will burn through that $6.2B on bureaucracy alone having not deployed a single satellite.


SlowMotionPanic t1_ix6l35j wrote

>stepping up practically overnight to deliver free internet access for an entire country when the need was dire and footing most of the bill.

The US government paid for those. A significant amount of them, at very least, and continues to pay.

Starlink was possible life the same reason Musk’s other, non-Twitter ventures were possible: government welfare.

>Clearly, all those lurking anonymously through social media, dropping political shittakes as they go, are light-years ahead in morality, civility, and general value to humanity.

As opposed to being born rich and buying your way into the companies that made you most famous, dropping political shittakes like a pleb?

Cry us a river.


forahive t1_ix6v8jp wrote

>The US government paid for those.
>A significant amount of them, at very least, and continues to pay.

Yes, the US has kicked in some $7-10M (depending on the reporting) as of recent. Interesting note the calculations largely consider transportation costs whilst the equipment itself is freely supplied by SpaceX - IMO not a bad deal at all. The still-ongoing cost to SpaceX is somewhere north of $20M a month; thus my phrasing "footing most of the bill".


WhatUp007 t1_ix4azcj wrote

It just goes to show how short sighted musk is. Providing Ukraine with starlink could've lead to billions from the EU in contacts later.


Daedelous2k t1_ix4gtb6 wrote

I don't think they'd have gone for it. To be beholden to US tech again...


afterburners_engaged t1_ix4dxcn wrote

He never stopped?


Cadsvax t1_ix5adkp wrote

Can anyone explain what was the deal here? These were 1300 units purchased from Britian and Ukraine even went to them to try and foot the bill for these, so was Ukraine paying to the UK who was paying to keep the service for those units? Why only these units went offline?


throwaway836282672 t1_ix5ddwg wrote

I don't know - so please, please take this with a massive grain of salt. My guess: export restrictions and/or supply.

You cannot support a foreign military without approval from a lot oversight. Starlink likely already had access to export to the Kingdom, so that's who was billable.

In regards to the supply aspect, the guarantee of military operation means only binned units are supplied. They likely didn't have additional binned units, so the UK provided their units.

>Why only these units went offline?

The war isn't in the news as frequently in the USA. So SpaceX wasn't receiving the advertising as desired. So they defaulted the account. There would be substantial negative press if they terminated service for civilians, so they didn't.


Uzza2 t1_ix5s0p3 wrote

There are many organizations that have supplied/donated Starlink terminals to Ukraine. Some are paying for the monthly costs while others, like the one you're referencing, can't afford to do that and are requiring that someone else foots the bill until Ukraine can pay it back.
This batch of terminals in question were to be continued to be funded by the UK government, but they decided that there were more important places to allocate the funding for Ukraine than paying for the terminals, so the subscription for them lapsed, and the terminals was removed from the frontlines in anticipation of it.

All other subscriptions being funded by other organizations, or the ones that SpaceX are providing free of charge, are still operational.


Cadsvax t1_ix5sszf wrote

So why is SpaceX getting dragged through the mud for a UK company/government basically saying 'nah fuck that we aint paying anymore'?

I get hating Musk is very popular (and deserved nowadays) but its perplexing how quickly SpaceX is made out to be the bad guy here when thousands other units are still functional.


FreshNoobAcc t1_ix6ji9v wrote

Hating Musk is popular is the nutshell

It becomes very emotional for people and they can’t see beyond the emotion to take time to consider the facts of the situation. We are fallible humans with biases and when a big rich man (who despite bringing EVs to the masses, something the establishment and big oil has pushed down for decades, and something the left minded folk have wanted since childhood) starts taking sides on politics when half of the population is strongly one side and half the population is strongly the other side, the side he voices opinion against trashes everything he is involved in and ignores the benefit that has been provided and clearly documented


FreshNoobAcc t1_ix6k7sx wrote

He should’ve avoided choosing sides in politics publicly. He was asked by ukraine to provide starlink so he probably thought that was a good idea, but underestimated that the terminals get destroyed in combat regularly and need replacing, then all of a sudden an unrelated American man/ company is footing a large bill for a war he has no relation to, didn’t start and has no say in (and rightly so, but after providing much needed internet he was told to fuck off by a govt official. Do you continue to provide services to people who tell you to fuck off? And he still is, just not free, understandably. What if the war drags on for 30 years (not impossible), is he to provide ongoing terminals for 30 years free?)


Airf0rce t1_ix5ah1x wrote

If last couple of years have shown anything, it's that basic utilities (which internet is at this point) should've never been privatized to begin with. So this isn't really about Musk, but about the entire private sector.

6 billion might sound like a lot of money, but this is money & know how that will largely stay Europe, with EU maintaining control over it, instead of relying at whatever bait & switch scheme Musk and the likes come up with.

Not to mention stuff like this also has military/defense purpose, and leaving that in someone else's hands is a bad idea if you want to rely on it.


DryYogurtcloset492 t1_ix7z4ud wrote

Things become “basic utilities” when the government declares it so. This is when they arbitrarily decide it’s more beneficial for them to get involved. Privatization means competition which means higher quality service at lower price.

Government deals like this one will very likely be carried out by private contracting deals (as most “public utility” services are). All they’re doing is blocking out competition for the service by nestling up to government and letting the government rather than its own citizens decide what’s best for them.


Real-Patriotism t1_ixa4vjh wrote

Ah yes. Because private healthcare is going so swell for us right now, and is totally not greedy businessmen leeching off us citizens as much as human possible as they mark up insulin 1000%.

Municipal Internet is a wonderful counterexample to this 'tread harder daddy' ultra-capitalist bootlicking.


DryYogurtcloset492 t1_ixcbr6p wrote

We are far from truly privatized healthcare. It’s not expensive because we have privatization but the opposite. The creation of Medicare increased healthcare costs 60% right off the bat when implemented.

Regulations mean it takes on average 10 years and $1b to bring a new drug to market.

All of the backdoor regulations with patents and inflated prices due to insurance issues are also to blame.

The irony of much of peoples criticism with capitalism is that it’s not free market capitalism to begin with. If we look at the vast majority of the issues people have with our current systems, we find that they’re almost exclusively socialized programs.

In a free market system, greed benefits society. If I want to get rich, I have to create something that benefits a lot of people and convince them to voluntarily give me their money in exchange for this benefit.

In a socialized system, I create laws that force them to give me their money whether they like my offering or not.


Real-Patriotism t1_ixdfhrw wrote

What absolute tripe. I was a Libertarian once too. The real world set me straight.

The regulations you speak of - are to ensure the drug is safe and doesn't kill people or have insane side effects. This is to prevent companies from cutting corners that kill people and do harm. This is a good thing.

Even with all the regulations and cost additions, [Pharmaceuticals still sell their drugs for 500%+ markups.](,to%20633.6%25%20(leuprolide).

Why? Because they can.

Because sick people cannot shop for market competitive rates, because cancer patients cannot be expected to haggle with their doctors while they're dying.

This is common sense shit. You remove the single guardrail consumers have to protect their interests, their choice, and all you have left is increasingly unfettered greed.

#There are some things that we as a Civilized People should not seek to subject to the profit motive. Human Suffering is among them.

In a free market system, avarice is unleashed and is increasingly what is ailing our society as everything is commoditized as we worship the one true God, the American Dollar.

All instead of helping, protecting, and uplifting the American People. You know, all the things that secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.


quettil t1_ix73v50 wrote

> Providing Ukraine with starlink could've lead to billions from the EU in contacts later.

He did provide Ukraine with Starlink.


OccasinalMovieGuy t1_ix7iywk wrote

EU hardly spends any money. Even now most of the support to Ukraine is from American government.


tuxzilla t1_ix6yso3 wrote

> Reuters reports that the satellite system could lead to the construction and launch of up to 170 low-orbit satellites between 2025 to 2027

Starlink has over 2,300 functioning satellites in orbit already.


A_Sinclaire t1_ix7kpmd wrote

IRIS² will primarily be for government and military use and only for Europe. So there is no need for thousands of satellites.

Though there seem to be plans to allow some business customers as well. But I doubt they mean for regular businesses - more like critical infrastructure I assume.


LeoRidesHisBike t1_ix7ft3s wrote

Does anyone but SpaceX even have the lift capability for thousands of satellites?


whyvas t1_ix7qr0c wrote

Don't try to apply logic to these obvious hit pieces!


quettil t1_ix73trr wrote

>Reuters reports that the satellite system could lead to the construction and launch of up to 170 low-orbit satellites between 2025 to 2027,

Starlink is planning to launch tens of thousands. They're not in the same category.


ioncloud9 t1_ix69ay2 wrote

They don’t have the launch cadence to build a system like Starlink right now. Falcon 9 is launching almost once a week with a Starlink payload.


AyrA_ch t1_ix5zf3s wrote

Evem without it, Europe already has very affordable Sat broadband. It uses satellites in geostationary orbit, so the delay is quite high (approx 700 ms). Fairly fast and not as expensive as you might think.


quettil t1_ix746bl wrote

Useless for communications, work, VR etc.


AyrA_ch t1_ix7ehn6 wrote

Nope. Totally works. You get used to the dalays eventually. The only thing that really doesn't works is FPS/realtime strategy games.

The round trip time is not that important for communication or remote desktop protocols. The other parties hear you with a 300-400 ms delay and you hear them with the same delay but people eventually get used to this.


whyvas t1_ix7r1ym wrote

Or they can use something that doesn't have those shitty delays... We could all get by with dial up modems too, but why suffer through that when something 100x better is available today?


AeroSpiked t1_ix6li7v wrote

Just wait, EU will end up having to launch them on SpaceX rockets.

Don't think so? Neither did OneWeb or Bezos' Kuiper constellation, but here we are.

Oh, BTW Amazon already committed $10 billion to Kuiper, so 6 billion doesn't really seem like bragging rights.


TheSeekerOfSanity t1_ix631le wrote

Mitigating risk. Musk doesn’t handle anything remotely related to criticism like someone in his position should. Dude already threatened to shut down the star link access in Ukraine. Can’t leave the security of many countries in the hands of this kid with billions of dollars and a tendency to find new grudges several times a day.


whyvas t1_ix7r5fw wrote

You must be a bot...


TheSeekerOfSanity t1_ix85i96 wrote

I’m a microchip from a vaccine with creepy crawlers that go into your bloodstream to collect information. Sorry.


EITBRU t1_ix6i12s wrote

We should develop multiple grapes. Place in orbit so satellite can plug into it . It allows orbital maintenance and reduce risk of collision.


stappernn t1_ix6jmd1 wrote

Notice it's 170 not 44k


PraetorRU t1_ix7gk3n wrote

Looks like in a decade or two we won't see stars anymore due to non stop streams of low orbit satellites all over the sky.


FundTrain t1_ix7vpxb wrote

It won’t happen


Bogus1989 t1_ix7ucyn wrote

Lmao, and then no one holds anyone accountable when the moneys gone and no nothing to show


[deleted] t1_ix504s9 wrote

why dont they send Ukraine more aid instead? they've been sending Russia so much aid for decades.


Kinexity t1_ix5fk72 wrote

EU has deep pockets. We can manage both and we already give a lot. Also you may not be aware but all the long term heavy lifting will be mostly done through EU funding as Ukraine will probably join the EU.


QuantumInteger t1_ix5nog2 wrote

That’s a real long way away. Ukraine would still have to address deep systemic corruption and democracy related problems. To join the EU, there’s also consideration for public debt as a percentage of GDP (Ukrainian will require a lot of loans to rebuild after the war). That’s assuming the EU (hopefully) dodges the upcoming eurozone crisis (Italy’s debt crisis, probable recession in Germany, energy crisis, migrant crisis, fascist governments in Italy and Hungary, inflation, etc).


quettil t1_ix747bi wrote

> as Ukraine will probably join the EU.

Can the EU afford a very large, very poor new member?


[deleted] t1_ix5s6uz wrote

ah yes the EU is handling all "future spending" 🤣 when things are "settled" or nothing if Ukraine doesnt exist


Nanomachinesnorter t1_ix6bg5z wrote

Maybe the recent attacks on undersea infrastructure have got people realising how dangerous it is not have a backup plan.


[deleted] t1_ix6bprc wrote

Growing up I thought we realized working with the likes of Hitler was a bad idea. But the EU sucked that Putin oil until Putin was done with the EU.


[deleted] t1_ix50b4v wrote



CaptainC0medy t1_ix531g5 wrote


Do you think Poland hasn't taken refugees? Provided training? Supplies in food and munitions?

And that's just Poland. Musk gives them some satellites, pulls them off on a whim, tells them to surrender and you think he's done more than the EU?


[deleted] t1_ix54aek wrote

add up the money, sounds like the EU is spending 6 billion to provide the same service Musk already is (will be overtime/overbudget just like those shitty french subs, and probably not even be as reliable as starlink (Ironically they will be paying Elon to send up their satellites lmao). What a huge waste of money, especially after the EU caused this war by funding Russia.


CaptainC0medy t1_ix56rmh wrote

Wtf are you talking about.

Go here:


Not even going through all countries but that alone is 16bn.

Musk is just sending some satellites over and black mailed them for money when he started being a dick


[deleted] t1_ix57t7t wrote

lol that graph shows they are doing abysmally nothing for Ukraine, thank god for the USA. Spineless EU will fuck over all eastern european countries

For Americans : The US has given over 50 Billion in comparison to support the war the EU caused.

In comparison to EU's generous coats to the Ukranians theyve sent 60 billion to Russia thus far and about a trillion over the last decade


CaptainC0medy t1_ix58eia wrote

USA yes, Elon musk? No.


[deleted] t1_ix58mmy wrote

Elon Musk is an American and his service costs way more too build then what the EU has spent


CaptainC0medy t1_ix59n9f wrote

Not built for Ukraine. What's your point?

Elon is South African.


[deleted] t1_ix5bea5 wrote

this really shows how out of the loop you are in this world. You really think the US lets foreign nationals work on critical tech?


CaptainC0medy t1_ix5c0dq wrote

You just have to google it.

First 17 years in pretoria, he just has US citizenship, that just means foreign national with US citizenship.



[deleted] t1_ix5c310 wrote

youre so dumb. he is a us citizen, that makes him American. We arent as xenophobic as you


CaptainC0medy t1_ix5cnv5 wrote

That doesn't make him a US national.

I have citizenship for a country I've never been to, doesn't mean I'm a national from that country.


[deleted] t1_ix5cy4w wrote

well citizenship is required to work on space tech, and Elon is a citizen


CaptainC0medy t1_ix5d0nx wrote

Not the fucking point!

My wife is from another country and got citizenship within 7 years, she's not suddenly the same national as me.

She works on military contracts.


[deleted] t1_ix5bjk9 wrote

also if you read the my first comment before you responded, the EU should be matching US's contribution at the least!


CaptainC0medy t1_ix5c67v wrote

I don't disagree, but it's not simple when you are dependent on their energy.


Bert-en-Ernie t1_ix5alfw wrote

>especially after the EU caused this war

Hey how's the view so far up Putin's ass?


[deleted] t1_ix5b53m wrote

ive never said a positive thing about Russia in my life while the EU has donated them > a trillion over the decade. Seems like the EU was getting them ready for genocide


Bert-en-Ernie t1_ix5c52s wrote

By that reasoning I am asking my local grocery store to commit genocide every time I 'donate' them money.

Your perspective and reasoning is as ridiculous as the above sounds. You might as well admit you are getting paid by Russia to put these troll comments up on a public forum.


[deleted] t1_ix5rury wrote

Do you support BDS? So yeah you could be supporting genocide buying whatever you think looks the shiniest Mr. Crow