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LiberalFartsMajor t1_ivmjyxw wrote

Ban the sale of iphones in America.


nova9001 t1_ivmw8eo wrote

>Ban the sale of iphones in America.

Please let me know beforehand so I can short Apple shares. Really need the cash.


SoulsTransition t1_ivmoghj wrote

I love how the only comment that would actually impact apples treasonous behavior is the bottom comment.


DJJazzyGeoffrey t1_ivmkcpv wrote

So we’re cool with all manufacturing and parts like chips going to China, but draw the line at a couple engineers?


amped-row t1_ivo7to8 wrote

The way chips are designed is not a secret. It’s a secret how they’re made so well (mostly by TSMC)


audaciousmonk t1_ivo73uj wrote

There’s a pretty broad set of federal export restrictions that recently came into play on ICs, commodities that include IC, supercomputing, and semiconductor manufacturing items.

Of significant interest is that semiconductor manufacturing bit which can include equipment, parts, IP, and technical guidance from US companies…. It’s nuanced, where and when it’s applied, for which entities / nodes / applications.

Regardless, suffice to say that right now, no the US is not “cool” with chip parts and manufacturing being shipped to China.


amcman15 t1_ivpsqzk wrote

But the good stuff isn't what's being made in China, the line is also drawn at manufacturing* (*to an extent, see things like the AMD venture)


meestah_spawkles t1_ivmq24l wrote

I’m confused on why this is terrible? Can someone explain? Or is it simply just because it’s China?


nova9001 t1_ivmxa7r wrote

First day on reddit?


meestah_spawkles t1_ivn2c89 wrote

No I’m just asking a real question. Sub is usually good with being informative. Guess I was wrong.


Comprehensive_Car287 t1_ivntkx1 wrote

I think @nova9001 was trying to say reddits general opinion is China bad. But redditors don't have communication skills