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InvalidUserNemo t1_ixp4p4b wrote

Yes, actually. Reread that comment for a second time and explain to me the part where they are “sucking big oils dick” by being critical of Musk Stans.


1015267 t1_ixp6hol wrote

The part where Ford is recalled over half a million vehicles due to fire risks and losing money on every EV they sell. Yet this is the only article about it. And pointing that out somehow makes you a Musk stan lol


llIicit t1_ixp77th wrote

It took Tesla 17 years before they turned a profit. To this day they still lose money on every car they sell.

The only reason the are profitable is because they sell emissions credits. But once other manufacturers (like ford) figure out how to make EV’s like they do ICE’s, they will probably be back to where they were before.

Edit: they blocked me lmao


1015267 t1_ixp7u1h wrote

Lol suure bud.

  1. Tesla has been turning massive profits for multiple years

  2. that’s already a moved goal post. The last decade has been “just wait until legacy manufacturers enter the market”. But they can’t even turn a profit on EVs. Let’s also just go ahead and ignore that Tesla is one of the primary reasons battery prices have even been driven low enough for the legacy manufacturers to enter the market.

I’m done arguing with you since you don’t even posses a basic grasp of the EV market


InvalidUserNemo t1_ixp6x50 wrote

You can’t possibly be struggling with this. Pirates comment makes no claims about the article, EVs or Ford’s abilities to repair them. You made the claim that anything critical of Musk or his Stans means they’re anti-EV and pro Big Oil. You pulled that outta nowhere and that is the comment I’m trying to say is not factual based on the comment you replied to for this thread.


1015267 t1_ixp7z7z wrote

No you made the claim that pointing out the hypocrisy was musk staning. When pointing out basic facts offends you so much your bias to traditional oil becomes obvious.


pirate_in_the_puddin t1_ixpbtxn wrote

You’re an absolute embarrassment of a human being. There is literally no reason to put as much effort as you have, into defending Elon fuckin Musk of all people.


SeparateAd5914 t1_ixpmwga wrote

Now you listen to me you piece of shit. Do you know this guy? Why speak to him like that? Some ppl actually don’t give a fuck about musk but if every time someone defends of his company you shits bring him up then Ofcourse it will seem like people are defending him. You are extremely obsessed.