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InvalidUserNemo t1_ixp6x50 wrote

You can’t possibly be struggling with this. Pirates comment makes no claims about the article, EVs or Ford’s abilities to repair them. You made the claim that anything critical of Musk or his Stans means they’re anti-EV and pro Big Oil. You pulled that outta nowhere and that is the comment I’m trying to say is not factual based on the comment you replied to for this thread.


1015267 t1_ixp7z7z wrote

No you made the claim that pointing out the hypocrisy was musk staning. When pointing out basic facts offends you so much your bias to traditional oil becomes obvious.


pirate_in_the_puddin t1_ixpbtxn wrote

You’re an absolute embarrassment of a human being. There is literally no reason to put as much effort as you have, into defending Elon fuckin Musk of all people.


SeparateAd5914 t1_ixpmwga wrote

Now you listen to me you piece of shit. Do you know this guy? Why speak to him like that? Some ppl actually don’t give a fuck about musk but if every time someone defends of his company you shits bring him up then Ofcourse it will seem like people are defending him. You are extremely obsessed.