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WayneKrane t1_iwsn8si wrote

My first job did this and managers just rated the employees that were their friends high and everyone else low. Still salty a women my boss was best friends with got a very high rating while I got average. I consistently was double or triple her metrics. I asked my manager about it and she said she had to rate me that way to make her numbers work (ie. she would have to rate her friend lower than me). Couldn’t leave that place fast enough.


JoyousGamer t1_iwunikm wrote

That's when you report it and get a paper trail if you can ahead of time saving it to a personal device.


Independent-Disk-390 t1_iwu5aqx wrote

Yuuup. Had the same happen to me. In my experience mid-management is often at their limits of comprehension. Many are terrified of losing their cush jobs, so the ignorant typically gaslight and mess around with things like tone-policing and micro-management. Such behavior is always to the detriment of their team and really is just kicking the can down the road, so to speak.

Edit: Oh by the way, if you’re high up enough you’re doing their job for the most part anyway.


dungone t1_iwv3g1d wrote

> she said she had to rate me that way to make her numbers work

In order to give her friend a higher score, she had to give you a lower score. Don't you get it? You should blame numbers.