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WayneKrane t1_iwsntiw wrote

Yup, happened to my mom. She spent 25 years at a company, won tons of awards and was highly praised and sought after for her work. She and many of her other older coworkers were slowly laid off to bring in cheaper young workers. Many were going to bring a class action lawsuit but my mom doesn’t like to rock the boat and she easily found a job making way more so whatever.


Special_FX_B t1_iwsv5vt wrote

25 years for me, too. Bad timing because it occurred as the country was about to enter the Bush crash in 2007. The weasels did their cuts in relatively small batches to avoid scrutiny. They had downsizing people sneaking around but we knew who they were. In a way it was comical. Not Office Space Bobs-like, those two doofuses were out in the open. I never recovered financially but I’m OK. I fear for my kids generation and especially my two young grandchildren. I believe there will be relatively many less people living comfortably. Every time I see the chart showing the transfer of wealth upward from about 1980 until now I am reminded of the drastic difference in compensation compared with the cost of everything, but especially housing. I just saw a headline today about one of the big Wall Street firms planning to buy 1 billion of housing. Their greed is unbounded.