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Soupkitchn89 t1_iwsv4m3 wrote

I mean if you got hired by Google you probably at least a little above average.


miltonfriedman2028 t1_iwsvbx9 wrote

I work at a top investment bank and previously worked at a top strategy consulting firms (McKinsey, Bain,bcg), even at highly selective companies, people slip through the cracks.


Soupkitchn89 t1_iwsvi9l wrote

I feel like those industries have a lot more nepotism then tech does though.


Desperate_Resource38 t1_iwt3x64 wrote

Meh, past a certain base of technical understanding (enough to talk through solving a programming problem on the phone), it's all connections and soft skills. At Microsoft if you get an interview for an internship there's like a 50% chance you get the offer, but like 1% of the people who apply actually get the interview. And even though these companies have at-will employment, in reality it's INCREDIBLY difficult to get rid of people if they don't want to leave, and with big tech they often print enough money that it's either not worth the hassle of firing slight underperformers or it's not worth getting rid of proven engineers who have nothing to work on right now and having to find actually good new senior engineers to hire if and when the need for them arises. There's no industry that's really immune to nepotism/cronyism IMO.