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Javerage t1_ixnr23r wrote

swaps face from one protester to another "Perfect, now no-one will know it's them."


[deleted] t1_ixp1syq wrote



RapedByPlushies t1_ixpmykx wrote

Hiyaa! Why dey go put Uncle Roger face on someone else? Now people tink Uncle Roger protest in Hong Kong. The only ting Uncle Roger protest is how British people cook fry rice, because dat all dat matters to Uncle Roger.


AllahAndJesusGaySex t1_ixppasq wrote

Well and he protested that Tiananmen Square happened. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. He deleted that video that he did with Strictly Dumpling because SD is outspoken about Tiananmen Square, and Uncle Roger is a CCP supporter.