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timberwolf0122 t1_iwg0352 wrote

How so? Wouldn’t they just bank so you don’t feel it as much?


einmaldrin_alleshin t1_iwg1cej wrote

The banking is the problem. Not so much on a small plane, but imagine sitting on the outside of a 747 wing when it banks into a turn...


timberwolf0122 t1_iwg1goa wrote

Wouldn’t the forces be the same? If the aircraft banks the same angle to make the turn at the same speed?


einmaldrin_alleshin t1_iwg9u13 wrote

No. If you're on the outside of the wing, you're sitting at the long end of a lever. The barrel of a conventional airplane meanwhile is the fulcrum. So where you would barely feel the plane going into a bank if you're sitting in the barrel, even slight corrections would noticeably move passengers up and down significantly in a large flying wing.


timberwolf0122 t1_iwg9zkf wrote

Ohh the penny just dropped. Yeah, that would be a bit much.

Still good for cargo and I guess now first class would be in the center


Wizywig t1_iwgff08 wrote

Easiest way is to hold out your hands and tilt your top. Your head rotates a bit, but your hands go up and down a lot. Currently your head is where the person sits. In these designs your fingers will be where they sit.