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OccasinalMovieGuy t1_ixua8hl wrote

Wow, a similar report said that it's controversial and harmful because China was thinking of it. But here the wording is so positive.


UsecMyNuts t1_ixuj702 wrote

Reminds me of the web comic where one of the characters is a futuristic historian pouring over the records of the 20th century using some VR machine which puts you in the history, he goes back to look at all the evil things that the fictional country of Arland did, including illegal wars, political assassinations and a horde of other atrocities.

At the end of the comic just as he’s about to publish the holo-book entitled something like “The Evils of Arland” he realises the VR machine thingy was set to “fictionalise”, when he turns it off he realises that all the evil things Arland did were actually done by the US, things like the My Lai massacre and Tulsa Race Massacre become clear to the reader as the character in the comic snaps the holo-book in half and throws it away.


Aperture_Kubi t1_ixvm2px wrote

To be fair, which of those two options sounds less scary to you? An EU based orbital energy system or a Chinese one?


M05HI t1_ixwh826 wrote

IDK let me check alibaba for an orbital death ray and I'll get back to you


bitbot t1_ixy0s8x wrote

China are the baddies though