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ThoriatedFlash t1_iy5vx6t wrote

Another bullet dodged by not having TikTok


KSRandom195 t1_iy808kd wrote

TikTok itself isn’t vulnerable here.

This is a social engineering attack where they get you to download malware onto your computer by… navigating to GitHub and downloading an executable.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy7nhs7 wrote

You'd first need to have friends, so don't worry.


FlyingToilet t1_iy7vuqv wrote

Social media does not reflect the real world in the slightest.


TeaKingMac t1_iy87xzc wrote

Tiktok explicitly connects you to people who aren't your friends.

It's like Twitter with videos, not Facebook.


sanjsrik t1_iy5qbct wrote

Why are idiots using this thing? Every time I hear about some "challenge" it's stupider than the last one? Are these fools that desperate to be sheep?


lionhart280 t1_iy62xzm wrote

No the challenge actually has little to do with this.

Its basically the opposite, the scammers target people on discord/tiktok/insta claiming they have a tool that lets you see people naked, they link you to it on their github, you blindly install the tool off github and.... its malware.


Dahnlen t1_iy6rl7p wrote

Well it’s impossible to get images of people naked by other means so can you really blame them? Naked people are hot and you want to see it!!


SalamanderX15 t1_iy5p7x7 wrote

Sims 4 modding just got too real.


SpaceToaster t1_iy5y0k1 wrote

Well, that’s one vector that can be used to spread malware: stupid, desperate, horny kids


TeaKingMac t1_iy8830e wrote

Tale as old as the internet.

Thank God for adblock and ublock, and all the other protections I have on my machine


mmarollo t1_iy8czq9 wrote

Older than the internet. Hot female resistance fighters from France and Holland would lure Nazis into alleys for supposed trysts then stab them in the eye with an ice pick. Horny males are easy targets.


TeaKingMac t1_iy8nsxp wrote

Ice picks are a particularly serious form of malware


isekai-cheeese t1_iy6ufbw wrote

thank fuck im not a stupid ass tiktok user


Cyber_Fetus t1_iy7f42y wrote

What’s it like being so much better than people who watch short video clips on their phones? Is your mom proud?


cittatva t1_iy7vshg wrote

Yeah but how many times have I found an interesting project on Reddit and installed it from a GitHub page?


wazwsxedc19 t1_iy5ytds wrote

Chinese company doing sketchy shit?! Never.