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pomonamike t1_ixqr5cd wrote

As a historian, I eagerly await the documentary about Moon War I and Moon War II.


GetInZeWagen t1_ixrhtad wrote

Well it'll just be known as The Great Lunar War until the 2nd one


Selstial21 t1_ixqxwpz wrote

If you live that long you may go from being a historian to a participant


KickBassColonyDrop t1_ixs3dan wrote

Honestly, most wars won't be fought with guns the way sci-fi portrays them. All you need is the ability to launch a missile that will shrapnel detonate directionally towards the enemy base from outside the range of AA and you win. Physics will basically do the rest and AA will get overloaded when there's hundreds of thousands of debris coming towards the base at puncture velocity. You basically need to compromise pressure in 1 or 2 difficult to patch locations and you win.

No need for bullets. Remember that objects in motion stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Wars will basically end in a day early on, until habs are massively reinforced in a meter of rock, concrete and metal or all of the above.


Triphin1 t1_ixsw8b4 wrote

I've already done that here on earth... No one's taking my oxygen


despitegirls t1_ixros7e wrote

I do not eagerly await the documentary that just asks questions about whether the Moon Wars ever occurred which will air on the History Channel.


pomonamike t1_ixrutlm wrote

Well, technically they will be correct in blaming it on “aliens.”


MyNameIsDaveToo t1_ixqkoiq wrote

Nice, we're finally gonna fuck the moon up too.


TarikeNimeshab t1_ixr0azd wrote

Moon is a piece of rock. So whatever we do to it is no big deal. It's not like there are moon elephants for people to cry about.


macetrek t1_ixv0ny9 wrote

I’m worried that moon whalers will over hunt. Then they’ll only have their tall tales to sing about.


LuckyEmoKid t1_ixr3y49 wrote

What's there to fuck up? There are no moon natives or moon ecosystems. The universe doesn't care about the moon. Animals don't care about the moon (aside from the light it reflects and its gravitational effects). Only people care about the moon. Why shouldn't people go there and do things? If ever, it would be many centuries before human development would ever be visible from earth.


Plzbanmebrony t1_ixqx7mg wrote

Moon will be fine. No nuclear power planet has ever failed without humans disabling safety systems to run test or do something else.


Triphin1 t1_ixswgd8 wrote

Ya, no worries about the sea wall failing on the moon

Enter - Space 1999


ChildofSkoll t1_ixr1dzo wrote

Hopefully it will be populated by Moonsluts


GetInZeWagen t1_ixriam6 wrote

I mean what do you think the Whalers do after a hard day of telling tall tales and singing their whaling tune


jens-2420 t1_ixqmjjy wrote

Wasn‘t there an old treaty that agreed not to pollute the moon?


[deleted] t1_ixqre88 wrote

Space based weapons were banned too....but we see how that turned out. Space was supposed to be for research only and not militarized. But its a money maker so.....


Fusorfodder t1_ixqvm4j wrote

Disposing of radioactive waste from the moon would be exceptionally trivial. A bit of math and you can just hurl it right into a massive fusion incenerator.


TehSr0c t1_ixr6m31 wrote

You'd be surprised how much energy it actually takes to throw something into the sun


nucflashevent t1_ixtcscu wrote

First it requires 10x as much energy to slow down something in orbit until it falls into the sun.

It's honestly a non-issue as there's no reason not to use highly enriched U235/Plutonium fueled reactors like are used on U.S. Navy subs and carriers. They literally go 50+ years with no need for refueling/recycling installed fuel.

It's not like anyone is going to fly up to the moon and steal it lol.


Justme100001 t1_ixqp6q5 wrote

I think the moon is much more dangerous for humans than the other way around. We will soon find out how dangerous....


ChalmondleyWarner t1_ixrn613 wrote

How about some more nuclear-powered Earth bases too?


Triphin1 t1_ixsw0jq wrote

Space 1999 enters the conversation


[deleted] t1_ixqr6ay wrote

Like playing a video game when 2 adversaries jump up to the next platform to fight each other.


GetInZeWagen t1_ixridpv wrote

Or like said situation, but in real life. Ya know, what video games are often based on.


whiteycnbr t1_ixrtei8 wrote

40-50 years time considering how how hard it is send a rocket up


Gold_Rush69 t1_ixrw8m7 wrote

Star Wars fans:

“This is where the fun begins”


pedramamini t1_ixshcqw wrote

At least we can’t fuck up the climate on the moon!


Alphal66 t1_ixsiq0w wrote

Why though? Are there any significant ressources that economically justifies extraterrestrial mine projects?


Southall1960 t1_ixsszyq wrote

just a guess but i think windmills and solar panels are a no go on the moon?


RealMENwearPINK10 t1_ixsyrzb wrote

Earth: "Watch out, Moon!. They're coming! They're comi-!"


PHD_in_PUSSY t1_ixtj0vv wrote

Whats the first thing you’d do on the moon?


skymang t1_ixtuejz wrote

Makes sense really


The_Fingerstylist t1_ixtxzzm wrote

What about all the weight pulled from the moon and brought down to earth? That in the long term could alter currents, tides, etc


Badtrainwreck t1_ixunhh4 wrote

I’m excited to collect litter on the moon in an astronaut chain gang


WhatTheZuck420 t1_ixunhz7 wrote

perfect enviro for solar. nah, gimmie nukes!