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themiracy t1_ixq2ira wrote

Young Gen X here, we do not talk on our phones.


SlyJackFox t1_ixq4l1h wrote

Older GenX here, same. Parents though ….


Karazhan t1_ixrkrlp wrote

God I can already imagine it. Flying to Turkey with my mum. She'll be on her phone, she has no voice volume.... -

"Yeah, yeah we'll be landing in an hour I'll call you then -"



SlyJackFox t1_ixsc26m wrote

Yes! I mean, we like to talk but to people, not devices. I feel like the modern equivalent of “get off my lawn!” When people are talking over transportation noise and using speaker phones or walky talkie features in crowded confined places. I live in Japan and they pleasantly yet consistently remind everybody to NOT do that. Polite people here.


themiracy t1_ixq5121 wrote

My parents talk on the phone, sure. They were also born during WWII…. :)


Lucky-Load2637 t1_ixqlvnq wrote

Another Gen Xer with parents from the quiet generation. They don't talk on their phones, either, it's texting only for those octogenarians.


Jynx2501 t1_ixr1px2 wrote

Odd, my kids talk on the phone all the time... they're 9, 9 and 11. They text too.


themiracy t1_ixr1d52 wrote

My mother uses Whatsapp, to my chagrin, because I hate that app (I prefer Apple's messaging or SMS, I wish I could get people to stop sending me Facebook messages also - Whatsapp is more secure but it's just a terrible app).


CindyFromWork t1_ixq4cow wrote

Thank you for saying this. We definitely aren’t talking on the phone. And, to add, I despise texts that can’t be resolved in three messages.