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JaggedMetalOs t1_ixqq35g wrote

That's the best quick summary of what those "pico-cells" are doing I can come up with, open to suggestions on a better one.


Tinmania t1_ixqqvwg wrote

You do realize they do not connect to terrestrial cell towers, right? Ergo, they are not repeaters. They connect to satellites (as some remote cell towers do). It doesn’t need to be called anything other than what it is: pico cell.


mitsuhachi t1_ixqrfp8 wrote

I didn’t know what a pico cell was. Thank you for explaining it. I do know vaguely what a repeater is, and found that terminology, though perhaps less specific, useful to getting his point.


garbans t1_ixqsaly wrote

"Router" would be a more suiteable word, you make a small coverage area connected by "lan/satellite" to the main network...


Tinmania t1_ixqrueh wrote

To be clear, a pico cell is simply a cell site with limited range. It doesn’t need to connect to a satellite. Most connect via fiber, like most cell sites.


dudeedud4 t1_ixqssay wrote

Right.. the pico cell on a fucking airplane is gonna be connected via fiber...


s133zy t1_ixqyqxn wrote

All new commercial airplanes will be fly-by-wire in 2023!


Tinmania t1_ixqswrr wrote

Are you usually this challenged by reading comprehension?


mattblau t1_ixqu4cs wrote

You’re saying interesting things but you’re coming across as a dick, not sure if it’s intentional. Just so you know


Tinmania t1_ixqu85j wrote

Let’s just say I didn’t expect this level of ignorance in a technology sub. Not intentional.


lucimon97 t1_ixrb7xu wrote

>didn’t expect this level of ignorance


>Not intentional

If that isn't intentional, you need to work on your communcation skills bro


Phighters t1_ixrpsz0 wrote

Good fuckin lord bro, go jack off or something.


mitsuhachi t1_ixtj66u wrote

I’ll freely admit there’s lots I don’t know about technology. Its a big field after all. But Im interested in it and like to learn more, so that’s why I’m here. I imagine there are a number of people who are here for reasons other than wanting to feel superior.


dudeedud4 t1_ixqz0lr wrote

Are you? You contradicted yourself immedietly after..


IlIIlllIIlllllI t1_ixtk5de wrote

pretty obvious he meant most on a plane connect to sat, most in general connect to fiber


Nose-Nuggets t1_ixr0xe4 wrote

He does? Pico's on planes connect to sats, terrestrial pico's can use fiber?


garbans t1_ixqrsi1 wrote

Its more or less the same technology used in the cruise ships during navigation, so if for any chance you use some data or call somebody using their "signal" they will charge you "extra" (extra can be understood as 1 kidney)


Tinmania t1_ixqs8ag wrote

Yes, similar. Of course a bit more challenging when you are traveling at 550 MPH vs 25 MPH.


garbans t1_ixqsfbi wrote

yep, thats why I said "more or less the same technology" :P


Tinmania t1_ixqsi92 wrote

So nice of you to tell me my job.


ExtraVeganTaco t1_ixr3qyh wrote

Is your job being a dick? Because you're on track to be employee of the month.


garbans t1_ixqswza wrote

Excuse me, where have I been rude to you? it is also part of my job and I though we were having a nice conversation...


ExtraVeganTaco t1_ixr3lx3 wrote

Does it connect to the same internet as when you're on the ground?

Sounds like a repeater to me.


li_314 t1_ixsn490 wrote

4G internet I'd think.

I took a networking class that focused a lot on telephone networks, and it's really interesting. Pretty amazing how the telephone network was able to be adapted to accommodate internet, and vice versa with VoIP.


end_of_time_squid t1_ixsjs3h wrote

You must be real fun at parties with all your smart lil cellphone facts