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garbans t1_ixqrsi1 wrote

Its more or less the same technology used in the cruise ships during navigation, so if for any chance you use some data or call somebody using their "signal" they will charge you "extra" (extra can be understood as 1 kidney)


Tinmania t1_ixqs8ag wrote

Yes, similar. Of course a bit more challenging when you are traveling at 550 MPH vs 25 MPH.


garbans t1_ixqsfbi wrote

yep, thats why I said "more or less the same technology" :P


Tinmania t1_ixqsi92 wrote

So nice of you to tell me my job.


ExtraVeganTaco t1_ixr3qyh wrote

Is your job being a dick? Because you're on track to be employee of the month.


garbans t1_ixqswza wrote

Excuse me, where have I been rude to you? it is also part of my job and I though we were having a nice conversation...