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dudeedud4 t1_ixqssay wrote

Right.. the pico cell on a fucking airplane is gonna be connected via fiber...


s133zy t1_ixqyqxn wrote

All new commercial airplanes will be fly-by-wire in 2023!


Tinmania t1_ixqswrr wrote

Are you usually this challenged by reading comprehension?


mattblau t1_ixqu4cs wrote

You’re saying interesting things but you’re coming across as a dick, not sure if it’s intentional. Just so you know


Tinmania t1_ixqu85j wrote

Let’s just say I didn’t expect this level of ignorance in a technology sub. Not intentional.


lucimon97 t1_ixrb7xu wrote

>didn’t expect this level of ignorance


>Not intentional

If that isn't intentional, you need to work on your communcation skills bro


Phighters t1_ixrpsz0 wrote

Good fuckin lord bro, go jack off or something.


mitsuhachi t1_ixtj66u wrote

I’ll freely admit there’s lots I don’t know about technology. Its a big field after all. But Im interested in it and like to learn more, so that’s why I’m here. I imagine there are a number of people who are here for reasons other than wanting to feel superior.


dudeedud4 t1_ixqz0lr wrote

Are you? You contradicted yourself immedietly after..


IlIIlllIIlllllI t1_ixtk5de wrote

pretty obvious he meant most on a plane connect to sat, most in general connect to fiber


Nose-Nuggets t1_ixr0xe4 wrote

He does? Pico's on planes connect to sats, terrestrial pico's can use fiber?