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captainloverman t1_ixw3pay wrote

Its not on google, you need to dig through all the NTSB accident reports for air ambulances in the carolinas. I read it years ago. Its there, its just obscure. Im still looking for it too.


mikemacman t1_ixwdak7 wrote

I find that hard to believe. If that happened, it would be all over click-bait news stories. "Cell phone crashes plane!!!"


captainloverman t1_ixwvxtf wrote

Only if its an airliner full of people, little planes crash every day and no one gives a shit.

This happened more than 15 years ago too. I was reading NTSB accident reports for a project for an airline I worked at when I ran across the report. That was 15 years ago, and the accident happened even further back in time than that.