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chrisdh79 t1_iych19w wrote

This is nothing new. You’re not allowed to install any 3rd party software on government systems without admin rights.


GetOutOfTheWhey t1_iydpk3l wrote

But when your IT guy is your boss's son updating adobe acrobat. Maybe some shit starts getting allowed.


Mean_Job8189 t1_iydurmh wrote

It was basically the department of tourism and all the state funded schools that used it for marketing that it affected


SuperToxin t1_iyf6gg8 wrote

You would be surprised how much people don’t care to monitor that stuff


cybeast21 t1_iycma0g wrote

Installing anything not related to work should already be restricted from Gov-owned device in the first place.


madman666 t1_iyddr6w wrote

You'd be surprised how non existent mobile device management is in some places. Especially for the higher ups that complain about everything until they get what they want.


roboninja t1_iyepmru wrote

> Especially for the higher ups that complain about everything until they get what they want.

This is the part that people usually ignore. It's the people above the head of IT Security that cause the most issues.


WayneKrane t1_iyf95e6 wrote

I was friends with a guy in IT and he said the people who failed the phishing tests sent out by them were almost always the executives. Someone got into the CEO’s email and tried to get our controller to wire $100k to some random bank account. Luckily it takes multiple executives to sign off on that kind of transfer out.


cybeast21 t1_iydfrze wrote

Kind of not surprised, seeing that we have some gov-related worker install a Zuma game or something on their work PC in the office.


wedontlikespaces t1_iycrg7k wrote

I couldn't even install our company app on my work phone without administration rights (someone forgot to install it before giving it to me). Installing literally anything is lockdown.

I assume that that is the same is true of government phones as well. I'd sure as hell hope it is.



Myfirespraygunship t1_iyco9tr wrote

How the fuck was TikTok allowed on any government device?


Witty-Village-2503 t1_iydfqgs wrote

It's not, but the media needs another tiktok story for clicks


scavengercat t1_iydhqnq wrote

It's allowed on millions of government devices. There is a bill in congress to remove it from federal agency devices but that hasn't passed. Not sure where you got your info from but it's wrong.


Pryoticus t1_iydqplc wrote

You would think a government-issued device would be for government business only. I was offered a company phone when I got promoted but I wouldn’t have even been allowed to put my personal email on it or any games I play on my phone.


Myfirespraygunship t1_iydtxdj wrote

I work for the feds. It varies by department and context but I have seen some departments issue partitioned cellphones with a personal and a business side. The idea of the personal side is to have access to social media, but some apps aren't available. In this case, even if an employee had access to a partitioned device, we likely still wouldn't allow for TikTok.


Frogtarius t1_iye8ur2 wrote

So the nurses and make their tiktok dances "we are in this together"


Vulcan_MasterRace t1_iycf9f2 wrote

The entire app needs to be banned and removed from both app stores


vuxanov t1_iycu0wr wrote

And all Facebooks and Google apps.


xoctor t1_iyeu3zv wrote

Why? Nobody has ever explained what evil TikTok is actually accused of. It just seems like anti-Chinese crypto-racism. I don't see how it can collect anywhere near as much sensitive personal data as something like Facebook.


ScootysDad t1_iycekgr wrote

Was this a problem in South Dakota? Or was this a preemptive action to make sure more free publicity for TikTok?


dustyrosereverie t1_iycija2 wrote

I think it is less a problem in South Dakota and more a reason for SD's governor to stoke fear of the other and further monopolize her loony fan base into disliking China.


afellowchucker t1_iyczy7r wrote

Yeah I’m not saying government employees should have TikTok on their phones; but we’re talking about South Dakota lol. This is more about the goofy governor trying to score some points by pretending to do something important. This is the same woman that gave trump a mini Mount Rushmore statue with his head added.


Drfakenews t1_iych634 wrote

They want less pedophiles in Congress... if you wanna call that an advertisement for tiktok call it that... pesos already know about the app that's nothing new


[deleted] t1_iycubhe wrote

Lol it has nothing to do with pedophiles and more to do with China.


Mean_Job8189 t1_iydv3o1 wrote

Meth, we’re on it. Tik tok, we’re not.


S3HN5UCHT t1_iycfabl wrote

They should just ban the whole platform


V65Pilot t1_iych9ap wrote

It's a start at least......


marcuschookt t1_iydc8bu wrote

It's crazy to me that people use their work devices for personal stuff, government-sector or not. In my line of work we constantly have people using their shitty company-issued phones and laptops to do their own private stuff, sometimes while on the company's networks. Why do you have to upload your family vacation photos to your shared drive? Why can't you just do that on your own phone?


MagicalGreenPenguin t1_iydyu2w wrote

No need for TikTok on business phones for government employees at any level.


BDAS100 t1_iycm1pl wrote

We should properly use all kinds of social media.


awetsasquatch t1_iydae7n wrote

Definitely restricted on my company phone too, shoot, we're not allowed to have it on our personal phone as long as we want to connect it to my companies network.


thereverendpuck t1_iydgyi7 wrote

Thank god the secrets of the lesser of the Dakotas is safe!!!


Justkiller91 t1_iydh0dw wrote

As a sysadmin. No 3rd party apps not related specifically to the user completing their work tasks should even be installed to a company bound device. Users should be reprimanded for breaching device agreements and IT admins should be reprimanded for not locking these devices down properly.... if you want to watch shittoks do it on your own device...


Sufficient-Complex31 t1_iyeiv2j wrote

South Dakota's government can ban whatever they want from their government-owned devices, but I can't help but just suspect this wasn't one of their cybersecurity analysts' top concerning software that needed to be addressed, and more a convenient political stunt. I mean TikTok shouldn't be on a government-owned device even if it was just an American company. But now South Dakota has single handedly defeated Chicom Intelligence agencies for sure! They'll have to now go buy all the personal data on everyone in South Dakota, just like every other company or group trying to spy on you :-)


downonthesecond t1_iyf6srx wrote

As South Dakota goes, so goes the nation.


In-Cod-We-Thrust t1_iyd382d wrote

Wait… there’s a ‘south’ Dakota?! 😯


bitter_sweater t1_iycdxom wrote

yes them need to work not be distracted by tiktok


Cyoarp t1_iycirm4 wrote

No 🤦 it's because it's owned by the Chinese government


EmotionalPlum2102 t1_iycpgq5 wrote

Work on what? There’s nothing but cows and magats in South Dakota lol


Niobium_Sage t1_iycgqnm wrote

Now do it on the state level and South Dakota is now one of the top states in the union.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iych2p6 wrote

Now I expect a bunch of downvotes with no real reply, but is there any proof at all that TikTok poses a security risk?

The US can't just make up accusations without bringing tangible proof.


Wings1412 t1_iycprv9 wrote

There is lots, if you care to read it google is your friend.

Small warning though it is fairly technical so if you don't know much about software it might not make any sense.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iycqmta wrote



EmotionalPlum2102 t1_iyctm1u wrote

You people really confuse me. Google is a search engine


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iydqik1 wrote

Yeah and there are no proofs. I wanted to see what that idiot had to say.

Magical ways to steal data from American servers /s


EmotionalPlum2102 t1_iycq43v wrote

In 2020 the U.S. military banned TikTok. There’s your best security breaching proof you need.


scavengercat t1_iydibgo wrote

According to, it was only banned on government devices. Troops on military installations can still use it on personal devices.


IdonTknow1323 t1_iydmmw6 wrote

Not as much as people make it out to be. The app is really just a chromium browser that loads the TikTok website. It's really not doing anything that other social platforms aren't. The biggest concern is data collection potentially going to China, but keep in mind the US version operates under a US company, ByteDance, on well-known Oracle servers.


orgborger t1_iycj3mh wrote

Is this really the best way to do this..? Banning specific apps? Is Twitter, Instagram, and every other social media app not collecting user and device info?


scavengercat t1_iydhvtf wrote

We don't have evidence those services are sending info to a foreign country.