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ScootysDad t1_iycekgr wrote

Was this a problem in South Dakota? Or was this a preemptive action to make sure more free publicity for TikTok?


dustyrosereverie t1_iycija2 wrote

I think it is less a problem in South Dakota and more a reason for SD's governor to stoke fear of the other and further monopolize her loony fan base into disliking China.


afellowchucker t1_iyczy7r wrote

Yeah I’m not saying government employees should have TikTok on their phones; but we’re talking about South Dakota lol. This is more about the goofy governor trying to score some points by pretending to do something important. This is the same woman that gave trump a mini Mount Rushmore statue with his head added.


Drfakenews t1_iych634 wrote

They want less pedophiles in Congress... if you wanna call that an advertisement for tiktok call it that... pesos already know about the app that's nothing new


[deleted] t1_iycubhe wrote

Lol it has nothing to do with pedophiles and more to do with China.