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nemom t1_ixquuhl wrote

I like the cordless Apple mouse that had the charging port on the bottom so there was no way to use it while it was charging. It sure looked sleek, though!


UnkindlyDisagree t1_ixqvxb3 wrote

That's the biggest non-problem ever. Port placement was awkward, probably because they retrofit Bluetooth tech into an old design, but 100 seconds of charge would give you 7 days of use.

I mean, come on.


warlock1337 t1_ixr3guk wrote

For some reason this happens everytime magic mouse is mentioned. Horde of people who never used it come out of woodwork to shit on this fact but anyone who actually used it knows it is not a real problem.


IYXMnx1Sa3qWM1IZ t1_ixrcf7x wrote

That's just Reddit in general, endless circlejerking about non-issues


eniko t1_ixrqega wrote

Bashing that mouse is especially stupid once you realize that it's actually a good design. If it was possible to use while charging, there's a risk that a bunch of people would leave it constantly connected, possible increasing the risk for unnecessary wear on the cable/battery/charging outlet.


TheJadedSF t1_ixr1001 wrote

It still is on their current mice, I use the magic mouse daily, my favorite mouse hands down. yeah it does suck when you have to charge up, but it has pretty long life so not such an issue


Qorhat t1_ixsikoh wrote

I really liked the acrylic one with the squeezy buttons on the side and scroll ball…nipple…thing