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[deleted] t1_iy0187e wrote

Will these be used to snipe children and journalists too or is that reserved for personnel only?


GarbageMan59 t1_iy07qq9 wrote

How about from their actual YT channel. This is fucking terrifying.


ThePiemaster t1_iy207jj wrote

Why is this ad public?


zero0n3 t1_iy3kdkv wrote

Because that tech they are using is likely a decade old (just refined).

Students at universities were putting kinects on quad copters and building software for them a few years after Kinect came out (2010).


pickleer t1_iy0gs6i wrote

Yep, apartheid drone. It can carry a gun and it's specifically meant for use in the occupied Palestinian areas. That means to enforce a racist mandate of state-sponsored aggression against some decidedly beat-down people.


[deleted] t1_iy0bpjl wrote

All funded by the American taxpayers money


Mazcal t1_iy0gam8 wrote

No, it isn’t. Though I’m sure the US will line up to buy those systems, same as Elbit’s other very successful platforms for fighter jet HUDs and whatever else.


[deleted] t1_iy0hs9b wrote

Military aid is never specific, you’ll never know what goes where

Here’s an article to read:


Mazcal t1_iy0iy6z wrote

You’re hilarious. As you live in Saudi Arabia I can imagine you can’t know much about how it works, but I’ve actually been involved in purchasing with US aid funding and can tell you it’s extremely specific. Almost all of Israel’a funding comes in the shape of “credit” which can only be used in tenders against US manufactured and sold products, in the US. It is means for the US to fund and subsidise its own industrial - not like the humanitarian aid which Gaza gets that can be spent as cash.

For any product where R&D is funded by the US, it is again for US benefit and only when these systems would eventually be manufactured in the US by Americans, such as parts of Iron Dome and the IMI Tavor.

Funny enough, Saudi Arabia also benefits from this and is lining up to buy air defence systems as well.


nyaaaa t1_iy2gykl wrote

Did you know, when you don't have to spend on something, you have the money you would have needed to spend on that, left to spend on something else?

Weird eh.


[deleted] t1_iy0k8po wrote

I gave you a source, and yours is believe me bro

Anyways, saudi pays for its military equipments, unlike israel, even if it was manufactured in the us, it is payed by the taxpayers, it’s like big military companies use israel to funnel taxpayers money into their pockets, while also israel benefit by getting equipments to kill children

No matter how you put it, the taxpayers pay


Mazcal t1_iy0krsa wrote

No, they do not, and nothing in your BBC article says what you mentioned. I have you verifiable facts and you recite propaganda. Cheers “bro”


Ataraxia25 t1_iy0m3km wrote

If you cliked on the links and checkd the sources of the article you'd have seen that report by the Congressional Research Service mentions Elbiet everal times several times in

And according to CNN Saudi Arabia paid $500 million to the US military

Also Ad Hominem is a logical fallacy- like it shouldn't matter who said it - you should judge Ideas on their merit alone.


Mazcal t1_iy0n8b6 wrote

Yes, and I have friends who worked in Elbit too. Projects are funded individually, when they are meant to be produced in the US or when they benefit American weapon platforms such as fighter HUD systems which I have mentioned. It doesn’t mean that this project gets any US funding, and if it did, it wouldn’t be for the drones deployed by the IDF. The IDF is a separate entity than Elbit - a company from which the IDF will need to buy systems just like any other country.

I did not attack anyone ad hominem - I said he recited propaganda when saying that Israel buys drones for the sole purpose of killing children - which is kindergarten level propaganda. There is no merit to that claim.


Ataraxia25 t1_iy0y9uy wrote

But their point is still valid- The US govt gives money to this company - this company makes it easier for Isreal to commit human rights violations- one of those is killing children. Like I you can remian ignorant and try to split hairs but logic always wins in the end, you can tell your friends as Elbit that too.


JayHey30 t1_iy1dmgz wrote

This is definitely not the path to peace


daywall t1_iy2r81c wrote

We will have peace when we unite together to take down our AI over lord's who harvest our bodies in the future.

I say we will call our self the "happy squad force"


TacTurtle t1_iy5aaof wrote

Subjugation is peace ... according to tyrants


Alphal66 t1_iy0v7p4 wrote

The Nazis would be so proud of Israelis. Not even they could come up with such efficient murder methods.


smogop t1_iy0wfus wrote

The “hostiles” are literally just people living there and defending their homes from forced IDF eviction.

The Israelis just developed an “App for that”.


xaxen8 t1_iy0zzky wrote

Is there a part of the West Bank that is considered not occupied? I'm just curious why the title says "Occupied West Bank".


Personal_School_7474 t1_iy1a747 wrote

Yes, actually. Parts of the West Bank are actually under the administration of the PA and are militarily unoccupied.


DJ_Femme-Tilt t1_iy12v0e wrote

Stay out of the west bank with your death machines


RunnBunnyRunn t1_iy2av63 wrote

The US pays Israel $3.8 billion per year on top of a Billion spent on maintaining their Iron Dome program.


nyaaaa t1_iy2h4ti wrote

If only those hundred billion that have piled up over the years could have been spent helping people instead of imprisoning them.

But that would be too complicated.


voodoovan t1_iy107x8 wrote

One sick nation. I hope the drones get shot down as soon as they detected.


driverofracecars t1_iy1hunq wrote

When the machines inevitably turn on humans, we will deserve it.


xXSpaceturdXx t1_iy1qnu9 wrote

It says they’re armored I’m curious if they could take a bullet and keep going. This is pretty scary stuff


ThePiemaster t1_iy20c2v wrote

Not sure about a bullet but I'm confident they can't take a kite string.


zero0n3 t1_iy3koan wrote

It’s likely the internals. Like you can’t protect the props. But a bullet hitting the main sensor / explosive casing probably doesn’t cost that much weight wise (bullet hits and a lot of the force can be absorbed by the device itself getting moved - then the algo kicks back in and level sets it)


zedication t1_iy38kki wrote

I’m surprised it took this long.


[deleted] t1_ixzzp5p wrote



heartsongaming t1_iy06s31 wrote

I mean the iron dome costs $50M per battery, so if the Israeli government were willing to sell I would assume it would be around that price for one drone.


WexfordHo t1_ixzuufn wrote

Pretty much what I’d expect from that rag.


jeffinRTP t1_ixzvb7g wrote

This is what I care about, not it;s political leaning.

and High for factual reporting based on proper sourcing of information and a clean fact check record.


WexfordHo t1_ixzx748 wrote

That’s nice. Here’s what I care about.

> These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy.


xeroxzero t1_ixzykwt wrote

So you care more about political bias over factual accuracy. Gotcha.


WexfordHo t1_ixzzk6k wrote

I care about sources of information which aren’t simply propaganda outlets which “publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information…”

You should too.


jeffinRTP t1_iy01a1z wrote

How could it be missleading if factual? It's much easier to disregard the political leaning knowing that what is reported is factually correct.

A factual search reveals they have not failed a fact check.


WexfordHo t1_iy01mwy wrote

The only facts in the entire piece are that this drone exists, and who makes it. The rest of the page is just speculation, quoting another paper, and emotive language. As a piece regarding a bit of technology any discussion of that tech is notably absent.

So how could it mislead? Well how do right wingers in the US mislead without lying? Talk about HRT for example, offer a single ‘fact’ about what it is, then spend the rest of the time conjuring visions of horror about how it might be abused.


BoricPenguin t1_iy00szk wrote

And what specifically is wrong with this article? What's incorrect or bais?


WexfordHo t1_iy014aq wrote

Other than the simple fact that this drone exists and the company that makes it, the rest is quoting “concerns” from another source, and speculating about how horrible it would be with some fairly emotive language.

It’s virtually information free if you’re looking for details on the drone as a piece of technology, rather than a platform for social media twits to opine about politics.