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macross1984 t1_iwec4ni wrote

For a company the size of Google...pittance.


aliens8myhomework t1_iwff9i9 wrote

It’s like blocking a fire hydrant and getting fined a penny.


macross1984 t1_iwfkzu0 wrote

Agree. I believe law need to be amended with fine be proportional based on size of company. Google being one of the largest tech company could be milked more than $392 million easily for violation.


Kammander-Kim t1_iwfpynb wrote

Look at GDPR in the eu. The fines are to be percentages of the global revenue of the parent company / concern.

The likes of Google, Facebook, and Apple, were the target of this. 300 million euro might be pocket change for a company that large, but 5 % of global revenue of the entirety surely is not. For Google that would also include Alphabet, YouTube, the sales of Chrimecasts and chrome books, and so on.


macross1984 t1_iwfqhf5 wrote

Wish U.S. lawmakers enact similar law as that of EU but of course they won't.


Kammander-Kim t1_iwfxee0 wrote

I hope the USA takes after the eu and not that we take after USA when things go forward.

But then again, what goes as pure communism in the USA is, depending on the question, going as far right stupidity in eu countries. So not likely.


Weird_Cantaloupe2757 t1_iwfz2qf wrote

Size of the company, and by how much money they made doing the thing you are fining them for. If the fine is a tiny fraction of the money they made doing the thing, it’s not a punishment — it’s just a “do whatever the fuck you want” tax.


mirh t1_iwg96hy wrote

It's exactly because they were the big evil multinational company that this BS suit could be brought forward.


carvedmuss8 t1_iwehox2 wrote

I'll accept $10 in Google Play credits as settlement and then spend it in CoC


Eric1491625 t1_iwf0a84 wrote

Funny thing is $392 million is not even enough for that if they distributed it among all the adults in the US who use Google.


carvedmuss8 t1_iwf0qtn wrote

Lawyers get 35-40% of that too


[deleted] t1_iwf3d0e wrote



OU812Grub t1_iwiyn6b wrote

I think the states get 100% of the settlement. I’ve never seen any direct money from settlements or fines the government imposes or win.


Mister_Weiss t1_iwg5hsl wrote

Except they don’t, and won’t. The customer never sees a penny. It’s a “fine” so it goes into the general fund coffers.


longstickboy22 t1_iwek3hb wrote

I remember that Dont Be Evil bullshit, boy that was a hoot, people bought it, I did for a bit.


Ok-Mixture-2179 t1_iwfch1w wrote

Google tracks me illegally. State sues google on my behalf. State wins. State keeps money. State raises taxes anyway.


mirh t1_iwg91uf wrote

You literally explicitly enabled the thing yourself.


beenburnedbutable t1_iwekbz0 wrote

That’s like me getting a parking ticket and paying 32¢.


thebudman_420 t1_iwenfdg wrote

This is only a state lawsuit and regular class action didn't happen or wasn't allowed?

We was tracked just as much as the state was.


BetterCallSal t1_iwfda29 wrote

When the penalty is less than the profit, it isn't a penalty. It's a business expense


Rudy-Ellen t1_iwf0gpd wrote

To whom? States DA’s?


GilroyPickens t1_iwfitk8 wrote

“We been tracking the location of 40 out of 50 states. They ain’t moved much. We gave them $10M a piece for being good states, but we only gave Mississippi $2M, cause it is not good. Hopefully one day it will get to a better state, State Farm.” -Google AIPR Bot


FerociousPancake t1_iwfieqn wrote

How much of that goes to us, you know, the victims?


mirh t1_iwg947b wrote

ITT people not understanding a shit of what this was even about.


Fayko t1_iwgtlwa wrote

Well at least the lawyers and state will get all the money for fining google for spying on citizens lol.

Really wish the world wasn't "do as much shady shit as you can until you get caught. Hope you're rich enough when you're caught to pay the fine" and people would just get punished for fucking over society instead of a fine.


Mister_Weiss t1_iwg5dwx wrote

When are they going to start giving that money to the customers who’s data was stolen?


Kingbeef23 t1_iwinbeb wrote

🗣️So how do I get my $2.35 that’s all I’m sayin


Academic-Unit4777 t1_iwkagfb wrote

Seriously question, why is the money going to the “States?” And what will these States be doing with this payout?

Also, the Google representative said “some” of the issues were resolved. Which ones were resolved and which weren’t?

Also, when are governments going to start taking big business cybersecurity crimes more seriously? AFTER they get all the data they need from us?

I have so many questions and no where to get answers 😅 (Also, why is there no sarcastic tin foil hat emoji lol)


NightwaveDigital t1_iwfhwmm wrote

Maybe if it was *billion it would be an actual fine…


fane1967 t1_iwfr7e2 wrote

Who says this is a just amount? Why do we see so many settlements instead of actual trials seen to completion?


submittedanonymously t1_iwg0n7q wrote

Whether Android or iOS, they both operate the same shady ways, but fanboys will defend their morally bankrupt corporate phones for some dumb superiority complex.

Sent from my iphone because smartphones have been universally required since 2012 to function in today’s world.

Some days, I miss my last razr…