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fudgy_brownies t1_iw1mkxg wrote

Other news headlines from India (please check the previous comment in my profile for sources):

  • VPN providers flee India because of new data law that mandates collection of customer data

  • Govt proposes law to intercept encrypted messages on WhatsApp, Signal etc. Signal Says It Will Exit India Rather Than Compromise Its Encryption

  • India sets up panel with veto power over social media content moderation

  • Indian ISPs: We already give govt full access to web traffic

  • India apparently purchased and used Pegasus against prominent journalists and senior politicians

  • India ranks #1 in the world in terms of number of internet shutdows. Internet and phone services are shut down to quell protests.

  • Youtube channels and social media channels are regularly blocked for spreading "fake news". No transparency why or what gets blocked.

  • Thousands of websites blocked every year by the IT Ministry.

  • Almost all top p0rn websites are blocked in India (total list ~900)

  • In J&K, India experimented with a whitelist of allowed websites (not a blacklist, a whitelist, everything else is blocked)


MasterElf425900 t1_iw1y2tx wrote

seems like they wanna be China 2.0


GOR098 t1_iw2avem wrote

The top duo in Indian govt Modi n shah are wannabe fascists dictators. They want complete control and power. Their opposition party has also become quite lame.


__DraGooN_ t1_iw2qem8 wrote

If you read the article, this was started by the previous government. And Congress or any other political party for that matter have no problems with censorship and spying. All the political parties, including BJP are in the same boat.


summingly t1_iw2z0mj wrote

Yeah, everything bad was started by the Congress, and BJP had to toe this line helplessly. And everything good was begun in 2014

I really hope hope they retain power for years.


[deleted] t1_iw282vu wrote

They have a huge population like China, they can see what works and doesn’t work in China. And they clearly understand the power of unregulated internet to adversaries.


charavaka t1_iw55o7m wrote

Are you justifying the Internet censorship? What adversaries benefit from porn sites?


[deleted] t1_iwba4a1 wrote

No but I understand why a country would like to control the content of it’s internet. See Qanon, and disinformation posts.


nagonjin t1_iw3s8rn wrote

Something I've worried about for a long time - China, India, even the US are proving the efficacy of surveillance technology, even with a massive population. It's a matter of time until this tech starts getting widely exported to traditionally "democratic" territories. Being an autocrat is easier than it's ever been. We already see fascist governments popping up all over the world.


UrbanGhost114 t1_iw3vlvi wrote

UK should always be in that list as well.

Don't know why people don't talk about surveillance in the UK anymore.


anonymous-twatbox t1_iw3xaah wrote

First time I’ve heard someone say this, and I want to know more. Do you have any good articles/studies about it that you can share?


RunAwayWithCRJ t1_iw2l8i1 wrote

> VPN providers flee India because of new data law that mandates collection of customer data

Only incoming VPN connections are subject to this. Indian citizens who want privacy can still connect to servers in other countries.


DutchieTalking t1_iw4xc06 wrote

This will be more difficult if they extend their whitelist style of blocking.