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ayellowsky OP t1_iy1s6v4 wrote

Do a Google search for any plant, and the knowledge panel will say that it is "Algae" in the subtitle underneath the name of the plant.

Edit: This appears to be fixed as of 12 hours after making this post. I did report it to Google via the feedback button before making the post so more likely they saw it there than here. It was like this for at least a couple days. The chaos was fun while it lasted.


Narvarre t1_iy1ui4y wrote

yet, if you search of algae its calls it a plant


firefox_2010 t1_iy1wjmp wrote

You weren’t kidding about this lol, all plants are now algae until further notice.


McSmarfy t1_iy1xb2s wrote

I mean, reality is bullshit since Pluto stopped being a real planet.


EatsRats t1_iy21jnf wrote

Wait…dead ass is Pluto not a planet again? I thought the first Pluto-is-not-planet thing was reversed?


McSmarfy t1_iy223vs wrote

Dwarf planet the last I heard. But they already fucked up reality like changing the future while time travelling. Any attempts to fix it breaks it more.


Keydet t1_iy2h50c wrote

Every since that god damn weasel got in the hadron collider things have gone to shit.


dat_GEM_lyf t1_iy500vw wrote

Harambe was the tinder but the marten was the match


Sjatar t1_iy3aaxc wrote

Not sure where they would reverse it. The story is that if Pluto is defined as a planet the current definition of a planet has to be changed.

Specifically the line "A planet is any object in orbit around the Sun that is dominant in its immediate neighbourhood.". This happens due to big objects making small objects orbit unstable if they are close. Pluto does not do this and does not fill that criteria.

If this criteria was removed however there is a lot of additional bodies in orbit around the sun that would be planets, so it's Pluto and 200 additional planets, or Pluto as a dwarf planet.


Sip_py t1_iy24mod wrote

This happened to me like 2-3 days ago for an evergreen and I was like huh, today I learned, just shrugging it off like I can't believe that's algae.


t3hlazy1 t1_iy20g3r wrote

You think you know better than Google?


Miguel-odon t1_iy3z0jt wrote

Wow, I saw this just last night, the first result identified it as a plant, but immediately below that it also called it an algae.


ilovecoelacanths t1_iyb204q wrote

I'm still having any plant I can think of be listed as an algae, so maybe it's not entirely fixed lol


Shootyy t1_iydfns0 wrote

Interesting it's still happening for me.