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pickleer t1_ixy9obx wrote

PopSci and PopMech have always been just that one step away from "Scientists hate this one trick that will shock the world" clickbait sensationalism. I had to take them off my regular website perusal list long ago.


sector3011 t1_ixyarnx wrote

Popular Mechanics reads like propaganda nowadays. Many articles heaping praise on the military.


MonoMcFlury t1_ixyg7ii wrote

Do you have any alternative recommendations?


MonoMcFlury t1_iy464oq wrote

Thx. There's so much to check out!


pickleer t1_iy4l9v5 wrote

Way back in the day, google had a homepage you could set up for yourself. You could fill it with feeds and links and apps. Cell phones wound up looking like what you could do on this thing. They killed it, so I migrated all my links to an online spreadsheet. They're easy to set up and a wayyy easier way to keep and sort all your bookmarks and daily destinations. FWTW


ahfoo t1_ixyryew wrote

You can go straight to the source and read academic journals directly. It's great for your vocabulary and you get a sense of what is really going on. While many journals are paywalled, there are plenty with open access policies:

Here is another collection:

Directory of Open Access Journals sorted by Science topics in English only

And yes, in many cases they are illustrated.


MonoMcFlury t1_iy468wt wrote

Good advice. Will have some reading to do! Thanks!