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ukezi t1_iyc98e2 wrote

My guess is that the current Scotus would say that the federal government hasn't any jurisdiction over labor relations because it's not explicitly in the constitution and declares nlra unconstitutional. For that they would have to reverse NLRB v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. but that didn't stop them before.

California and the other blue states will have replacement laws in place the moment the decision comes down and the red states continue their way back into the 1800s.


geekynerdynerd t1_iydvnzu wrote

Pretty sure California already has laws covering this issue anyway, it's primarily the "states rights" red states that depend upon the federal government for enforcing regulations that prevent a descent into an ancap dystopia.


ukezi t1_iye5268 wrote

Probably a lot more strict then the federal one.


StabbyPants t1_iyexnf7 wrote

huh, i guess it's time to make the union strikes more aggressive.


ukezi t1_iyf2bm0 wrote

I'm not sure if those states would not use the National Guard against the more aggressive strikes like they did back in the day.