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uis999 t1_iy4dl5i wrote

Facebook FTFY


ddhuud t1_iy6svv3 wrote

Facebook is a product. Meta it's the company that produces it.

You can't fine the food, you have to fine the restaurant.


uis999 t1_iy6zcev wrote

It's not valid name. They named the company Facebook? yes. Did that company get taken over by a company named meta? No, they just decided that people hated them and wanted to make people call them something different.

It wasn't some kind of merger where one company is bigger than the other and they have to pick the bigger name... Facebook was the big name. They should be able to make child companies.. but Facebook is the main company. Under normal context a company can rename itself.

It is an ongoing attempt at misdirecting criticism then it is entirely valid for the public to stick to company name that earned it the bad reputation. If I need to be specific for like legal reasons, I'll refer to them as "Facebook's parent company... also known as Facebook".


ddhuud t1_iy71jvn wrote

Are people really that dumb? A rename is all it takes for misdirect us? Are we chief Wiggum on a car chase following Marge and Ruth at night? They're not even being sneaky about it. They changed a shitty name for a FAILURE in all caps. We should provide as much rope as they need.


uis999 t1_iy9ul5e wrote

Well, yes some people do not pay attention because they have lives and don't sit around keeping track of companies playing little games. Plenty of people don't know xfinity is comcast. Companies do it cause they know it works for at least a portion of the population. The name has become actually kinda funny though, seeing how badly they botched the metaverse thing at this point. However, I choose to use the old name in a derogatory and disrespectful fashion. =b


Ren_the_Tainted t1_iy4odjt wrote

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man


SiriusBaaz t1_iy4serm wrote

That’s it? Not even a pound per person? This is nothing to meta even after it’s stock tanked.


[deleted] t1_iy3muae wrote



Kirxas t1_iy49n66 wrote

The money collected from fines of that type goes to a central fund, which then gets distributed among EEA member states in the same way as the european budget.

Aka: they end up going to the same place taxes do


SpaceBearSMO t1_iy4elff wrote

€265m isn't that much relitivly speaking.

for Meta to pay, or to add to the pool of government funds

I mean you and I would be set for life. but for a Government and particularly a Mega Corp, its chump change


Fshermansfriend t1_iy42hdp wrote

FF and FG are in desperate need for a major piss-up for Christmas and the New Year so the fine is go towards that, oh and Christmas bonuses for the lads.