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Brocklesocks t1_j1xnc06 wrote

Please post more links about AI. I'm not tired of hearing about it at all


DadaDoDat t1_j1y5cz4 wrote


You have received -35 points on your human cooperation score.


skychasezone t1_j1y4kst wrote

It's going to blow up in our faces in the next few years, wtf is wrong with the amount of posts?


Brocklesocks t1_j1y629a wrote

It won't. The government would step in if it actually threatens the economy in a significant enough way. People are just fear mongering over the uncertainty.

It would be bad for companies if it automated people out of jobs, because they need customers. So they will need to find ways to create value using AI.

There's no point in trying to advance humanity if we don't create new technology that can work for us.


leroy_hoffenfeffer t1_j1zs373 wrote

>“The things that agencies should be doing is beyond experimenting with this; they should be calculating now what it means for their business,” Curtis said. “It is a tool humans will use to kickstart creative thinking or to create the base level of something, which they then adapt continuously, or to move more quickly. … It is not an answer to everything, but it does radically shift the economics of a lot of what we do in creativity.”

Translated: "Were going to replace our creative workers with AI tools"

> Zach Kula, group strategy director at BBDO, said the industry should be thinking about this tool less in terms of how it could replace humans and more about the various ways it could revolutionize how creatives do their jobs.

Lol, this guy is either hopelessly naive, or just has no actual idea what businesses are going to do with these tools. Business owners don't really care about how creatives do their job: the end result is all that matters. If owners think they can save money and just use these tools instead of using creative experts, they'll absolutely just give using the tools a try. Worst comes to worst, you can just hire someone else if solely using the tools doesn't pan out.

> “In my mind, it doesn’t appear that many of the people commenting on this have even used the tool,” Kula said. “If they did, it would be obvious it’s not even close to replacing creative thinking. In fact, I’d say it exposes how valuable true creative thinking actually is. It puts the difference between original creative thought and eloquently constructed database information in plain sight.”

I mean again, business owners don't really care about "true creative thought" for the most part. Nowadays, it's all about catchy headlines, clicks and who publishes first.

This article downplays or ignores the actual concerns people have, makes businesses seem more practically ethical than they actually will be, and undersells how disruptive the tech will be once fully matured.


MechanicalBengal t1_j234k16 wrote

Tell me you’ve never done agency work without telling me you’ve never done agency work


RainbowCatastrophe t1_j1zxf4g wrote

Journalists, Media to Push the topic of AI over the Edge in 2023


conventionalWisdumb t1_j200csc wrote

Wait, so that shitty ad about the top tech stocks of 2023 is right?


BrokenMemento t1_j21o4kc wrote

I’m a bit concerned about 2D/3D art images in regards to ownership. I don’t think you can claim ownership of ai art without transformative work on it and the problem is proving that will be nearly impossible without the video process documented… this will also affect non ai artists because people will claim that their work is done using mid journey/stablediff.

We’re probably going to see a big change in copyright and ownership laws. This new tech will pave a way for more NFT scammers and IP thieves. Big companies won’t be affected but the average joe won’t be able to fight this


Taikunman t1_j1x2a46 wrote

Looks like the Technological Singularity is coming way faster than most people predicted.


thruster_fuel69 t1_j1xlfk5 wrote

We need faster interfaces to really make use of it all. It's quickly becoming too much for our meaty input/outputs to handle.


Chroderos t1_j1yh06a wrote

I for one welcome our new chatbot overlords.


rysworld t1_j1zi4ud wrote

Hmm, weighted algorithms recreating human efforts in granular enough detail it looks novel does not a sophont make. Maybe a little less millenarianism is warranted.