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ARobertNotABob t1_j1umvax wrote

India, USA, UK, wherever ... just shit employers and There It Is.


Outrageous_Humor_313 t1_j1uw0uo wrote

Lmao India is worse broooo, I am a student in uk and I had worked on Amazon warehouse and I had seen Indian Amazon warehouse, you guys have robots and pods😅😅😅, we had to carry stuff in India manually….I was paid 12£ an hour, and what I earn in a day is earnt by same person doing same job in india with more physical stress in a month. They are super underpaid for the work they put in.


Excellent_Carrot3111 t1_j1vnj31 wrote

Just because it’s not as bad doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t change.


Outrageous_Humor_313 t1_j1vpt0q wrote

Try working in other warehouses in uk mate it’s so shiteeee, try boots you would not even get paid as Amazon and you wouldn’t even be treated like the way they do at Amazon, ik work is stressful but I felt better working at Amazon than boots


tickleMyBigPoop t1_j1w9j1l wrote

Too be fair as warehouse jobs go Amazon is probably the best.

Which really says a lot about how shit the rest are


Mahameghabahana t1_j1x8kes wrote

I don't think they would be paid 12£ a month that's like 940 rupees which is extremely less even for a labourer.