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TimidPanther t1_j0ai29i wrote

Australia is just mad they don’t have a backdoor into the iCloud service. That’s what they want - to have access to citizen data. It’s not about stopping pedos.


nicuramar t1_j0dqv3b wrote

How do you know they don't want that access in order to "stop pedos" and other crimes?


TimidPanther t1_j0dz235 wrote

Their main goal is citizen surveillance. They’ve introduced a lot of laws to make that happen.

If apple was an Australian company, the back door would be available. Even if it’s put in secretly so the rest of Apple don’t know about it. It’s insane.


nicuramar t1_j0fxvxn wrote

> Their main goal is citizen surveillance.

I asked how do you know this? How do you know it isn’t for the reasons they state, whether or not you agree with them?