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productivewinks t1_j20ta03 wrote


Telecom companies. Like Vodafone and Telefonica yield a lot of power in countries not often associated with freedom of speech and democracy. Its not uncommon for them to bend to the will of authoritarian leaderships and at the same time not being very transparent about their dealings in those countries.


MetricVeil t1_j21rptu wrote

We live in a strange, neo-feudalistic, corporate oligarchy. Government is dead. Long live the CEO. :P


SparkStormrider t1_j23vimk wrote

You joke, but I swear it appears that a lot of big companies operate that way. An example of this is where some companies don't like a law and govt refuses to change said law, so they spend money to get a crony elected and have them change the law. Just another instance of sad state of affairs for government as if they needed yet another instance of it.


MetricVeil t1_j23wa1t wrote

>You joke...

Actually, I do believe what I wrote, but people can get all bent out of shape when I criticise the capitalists and the, unacknowledged, death of Democracy.


PeakFuckingValue t1_j24x0yv wrote

Except look at the CEO losses recently. Politicians just took the power back with billions of losses to Elon, Zuck, Bezos, etc.

When the market is up, corporations rule. When the market is down, politicians rule.

We are still fucked either way tho.


videogames5life t1_j21wzrg wrote

It makes me wonder if the US has tried infiltrating those telecoms and using them for their own benefit. CIA has prolly worked on that kind of shit.