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Wolfsorax t1_j1c0f9z wrote

I mean. Nowadays the dealers just post to their snap stories when they get new inventory


madsci t1_j1fohpu wrote

Can confirm. I went to the Glastonbury festival over the summer and as soon as I posted something tagged with the location on IG I started getting pictures of drugs. Took me a second to realize it was advertising.

Oh, and the girl with the backpack full of chocolates up at the stone circle was handing out business cards with her IG along with her wares. Marketing is everything.


[deleted] t1_j1c20q5 wrote

Yes and TV with the pharmaceuticals, also considered drugs


SpecialNose9325 t1_j1cu9w7 wrote

Except Pharmaceutical ads are banned in most countries. The US is the exception.


[deleted] t1_j1cubz3 wrote

Yes, it’s wild


SpecialNose9325 t1_j1cvjqg wrote

I experienced it for the first time watching an online stream of a football match from a US channel. Its not even regular over the counter stuff. Ads for stuff that requires medication and a diagnosis. Why would anyone need to know the name of medicines that that a doctor hasnt prescribed ? They end with "ask your doctor about XXXXX today" ... Do they expect me to just run into my doctor at the supermarket and ask him about drugs ?


[deleted] t1_j1cvobq wrote

I absolutely agree, stopped watching tv many years ago and occasionally have to sit through some in unexpected situations. It’s non stop


ommi9 t1_j1fp6bi wrote

Well legally they have to discolse side affects

Which include p,Q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z


jbm013 t1_j1ei76u wrote

Yeah but those are legal so it's totally OK right?


critterheist t1_j1bx6up wrote

Omg how dare you…anyone have a link to this abomination?


7itor t1_j1cd9bv wrote

Drugs inherently rely on social systems.

In other news, water is wet.


glyptoteket t1_j1d17xh wrote

Jesus Christ 2016 called and it wants its news story back


MelTheTransceiver t1_j1byn9t wrote

no shit sherlock


Fobulousguy t1_j1ell0t wrote

Wait wait wait. Are you telling me drug dealers are using modern social communication tools to sell drugs? Gtfo that’s crazy


nakedrickjames t1_j1djxoj wrote

I'm in a couple weightlifting / home gym facebook groups and people routinely post links to groups that straight up sell growth hormone, steroids and other PEDs. It's annoying spam so I join the groups and report all the posts. For a while there, they would actually remove the groups / accounts but lately when I even get a response to the report it's always "this post / group didn't violate our community standards". Like bro, they're posting straight up price lists to controlled substances ಠ_ಠ


Fantastic_Painter_15 t1_j1dq7tu wrote

Why is this news lol. You can quite literally buy drugs anywhere. I know a guy who just bought shrooms and ecstasy online. Mailed right to his front door


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j1e2w0v wrote

Creating a black market that funds crime; you'd think we'd have learned after alcohol prohibition but here we are 100 years later making the same mistakes.

Decriminalize the drug market for safer recreational drugs and cheaper medicinal drugs. Hold people responsible for their actions; not their state of mind. "I was high/drunk" is no excuse for any crime.


zeb0777 t1_j1euxdb wrote

What?! You're telling me that a place for people to meet and communicate is being used to meet and communicate for illegal activity? No way!

Next you're going to tell me, they're using phone to call and have drugs delivered.


Xyro77 t1_j1ewti3 wrote

Snapchat is the number 1 choice for drug sales in my area. These kids think just because the messages “delete” (spoilers: they don’t)


ReformedPC t1_j1c3mkv wrote

That's not the biggest problem tbh, they also sell CP.


Clatuu1337 t1_j1d9i7g wrote

If memory serves the first transaction that took place on the internet was college students fucking around buying weed.


RacingMindsI t1_j1da2il wrote

I would've never guessed. Surely further expensive studies are warranted.


linksawakening82 t1_j1djcgz wrote

Some would rather people go meet up in compromising situations, as opposed to just ordering anonymously.


zerogee616 t1_j1e3vql wrote

News flash circa 2004: Texting plays role in drug sales


Iamjacksgoldlungs t1_j1f2778 wrote

Well to be fair, the first thing ever achieved on the internet in terms of a sale was marijuana by MIT students. Not like much has changed


Late-Arrival-8669 t1_j1f41ll wrote

How many years has Television being playing a role???

Talk to your doctor about taking this, side effects may 100 other side effects + death, confer with your doctor to see if $%^&^& is right for you!!!


HotFightingHistory t1_j1ffn8o wrote

New study published: Somewhere in the country, a couple had sex recently.


Foyt20 t1_j1fri8d wrote

Other news... Water is wet...


Auroku222 t1_j1ftohr wrote

No shit sherlock


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j1gdstv wrote

Barely know how to use instagram, ya like one photo of a fractal mushroom next thin ya know 809 friend requests with menus. Nah no thanks. I trust no one


stu54 t1_j1iacix wrote

Weird, I scrolled down and 4 posts below this was an ad for a prescription drug. Why are big corporations allowed to sell drugs and nobody else? Why should we trust our corporate overlords?


krsvbg t1_j1c0p0h wrote

And trafficking. And firearms. And anything else you can think of…

Brothers and dealers didn’t just quit. They simply moved online.


Suspicious_Storm_892 t1_j1ddwps wrote

Yeah it would be terrible if people just dm'd you offering drugs...👀


Hunter009800 t1_j1djuth wrote

Social media nor drug sales relate to technology… this sub is garbage