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SuperGameTheory t1_j1znxyk wrote

A long time ago I won a popcorn popper from a drawing. It lives on my kitchen counter where the device real estate is at a premium. It pulls its weight. Not only is it quick, but there's a lot less waste, no burnt kernels, it can make more in less time, and bulk popcorn kernels are a lot cheaper too. Plus, I can easily flavor the popcorn any way I want. Yesterday I had popcorn with butter, garlic, parm and a little bit of salt.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_j1zobvq wrote

I notice how you didn't choose to buy one but got it for free. :)

And the rest of us can season our popcorn too when it comes out of the microwave...


SuperGameTheory t1_j1zoq96 wrote

Lmao yeah I would never have bought it outright. If it broke I'd probably try making popcorn in a stock pot and then give up and just buy another popper. I'm converted.


nooshaw t1_j202tbk wrote

Stir poppers are the best! When I found out the cancer causing PFAS found in microwave popcorn bags I changed to a popcorn maker. After several fails I landed on a Stir Crazy. Best dam popcorn maker! It is the only single use appliance I own. Another secret I discovered is to use coconut oil.


Realistic-Duck-922 t1_j20o8k6 wrote

Yeah Whirlly Pop or whatever works best for me. I used the other methods meh.


ben7337 t1_j20s4l8 wrote

Looking at them, I like how the bowl is integrated, but do you need to use oil with them? Does clarified butter burn with them? (I see many have butter melting areas, but melted butter isn't what you put on popcorn, you need clarified butter if you don't want it soggy. Plus adding oil to pop then butter on top of that seems like too much). Lastly it looks like they need cleaning after each use, unlike air poppers, is that right?


nooshaw t1_j21p4yt wrote

Yep. The bowl and stir pan cleanup quick and are dishwasher safe. I use coconut oil because I found out that is what Movie Theaters use and I wanted to get that original taste. But you can use whatever oil you prefer. The butter added from the top melts slow enough it doesn't cause any sogginess in my experience. If you're health conscience and don't want to use any oil or butter then stick with an air popper.


Fire2box t1_j21jnwa wrote

I just use a silicone popcorn bowl now then add melted butter and whatever seasonings I wish. Way better and I can buy mushroom popcorn now too.


lemmefixdat4u t1_j22t5v1 wrote

A few years back I was at a garage sale and found an old top-of-the stove popper with the handle that you crank as the popcorn pops. Magnet sticks to the pot, so I tried it on the induction stove. It makes the best popcorn in 2 minutes. And I don't know how "efficient" IR radiated poppers are, but 95% of the energy I put into the induction stove goes into the pot.

My wife still buys her microwave popcorn, because she hates washing the popper pot. I don't understand why it's so difficult. Wipe it out with a paper towel and put it away.


ifisch t1_j20bkbh wrote

How much popcorn are you eating?


SuperGameTheory t1_j20ov5i wrote

I can eat as much popcorn as I want! I'm a big boy now, mom! Stop telling me how to live my life! franticly shoves popcorn into mouth and bashes face into a stick of butter


stewsters t1_j20p1ko wrote

I have tried one of those but prefer the air popper. It's basically a vertical hairdryer you put the seeds in and when they pop the air current takes them out.

Much less waste and you don't need oil, so you can spend those calories of flavoring. Just don't overfill it.


richg0404 t1_j21w1ck wrote

I've got a similar type of popcorn popper and I love it.


oinklittlepiggy t1_j20rtlg wrote

Ive g9t a popper I bought my wife for her birthday last year.

We probably use it 2-3 times a week