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_mh05 t1_j1s008a wrote

Feel like there are some serious ramifications this is leaving out


KSRandom195 t1_j1s6e7z wrote

There were specific callouts I did not see, such as it being a protected IP or having export restrictions, like RSA encryption.


_mh05 t1_j1seaar wrote

Thanks! When learning about the artist communities against AI (i.e. ArtStation), I came across how AI cannot copyright artwork from a comic book created using it. So guessing how that applies to other works, like patents and so others. Now have to look into more about what you just mentioned regarding exporting and encryption.


quantumfucker t1_j1sjnku wrote

That’s not accurate, regarding the comic book. That decision isn’t finalized, it is only halted so that the artist can explain their creative process and why it deserves protection. There is concern that it’s not human-driven enough to be considered a creative product, though I would disagree.


_mh05 t1_j1sk74s wrote

Good job for pointing out. Will make sure to follow the issue revolving the comic


fitzroy95 t1_j1sphbo wrote

Please note that different nations have made different rulings on copyright as applied to AI.

In the US & Europe, for example, AI generated works are not copyrightable.

Other nations, however, allow it but assign the copyright to the AI's programmer.

However, all of this has been undergoing significant review over the last few years as AI have become more capable and more accessible.


AadamAtomic t1_j1u2ghj wrote

>In the US & Europe, for example, AI generated works are not copyrightable.

there is no copyright protection for works generated solely by a machine.

However, copyright is possible in cases where the creator can prove there was substantial human input.

I.e: Wright a poem and Run it through A.I.


Pelo1968 t1_j1rzl0p wrote

We're doomed.


webauteur t1_j1s61qz wrote

Skynet is going to keep us safe!


Brief-Web-676 t1_j1ssxen wrote

Bro, you do know that that is a fictional movie, right? Not real life. This can backfire, but I have faith that we can make it work. We’ve had the Nukes for almost 100 years and the world hasn’t ended. Humans are pretty good at self-preservation.


Mat_UK t1_j1tspuc wrote

Now put the AI in control of the nukes and see what happens …


KingNathan90 t1_j1ts75j wrote

So glad the holocaust never actually happened. Wait, what?


Matshelge t1_j1toawd wrote

AI is going to do more to humanity than the internet did. Our ability to foresee what issues are incoming will be as good as those 80s explanations on what the internet was going to do. We will get some basics right, but then miss on the major changes it will bring.


Old_Soldier t1_j1w6vtk wrote

AI controlled by who?

By a Government? "Hey AI, see those guys over in that country. They are bad. "

By corporations? "Your priority is to make investors more money."

By society? The same society that has money, food, and needs enough for everyone but people still are homeless.?

I would love to see perform great things, but I got to call it a very long shot.


AntiTrollSquad t1_j1tpnxc wrote

I went to a presentation some time ago. The speaker started "Machine learning is something one does under Python; AI is something one does in PowerPoint."


jormungandrsjig OP t1_j1rz7qn wrote

Until now, national governments have been slow to adopt this cutting-edge technology. But in 2023, governments will also finally start using AI and big data to tackle some of society’s biggest problems. Done right—and with the proper privacy protections in place—projects can generate a trove of data that is itself a competitive asset, helping research and innovation to flourish. Just consider Biobank, one of the most important government-led biomedical initiatives worldwide. This project has produced a public database with genetic information of more than half a million people. To this date, it has been accessed by nearly 30,000 researchers from 86 countries, helping AI and biotech startups create new drugs and therapeutics. 


[deleted] t1_j1sii7m wrote

AI would be great for cutting government bloa....NVM forgot this is real life.