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sarabada OP t1_izvyuld wrote

Ming-Chi Kuo is a financial analyst with insider sources within the Apple supply chain. So far his "surveys" have been very accurate in the past.


Timbershoe t1_izwdphj wrote

This has been the credible rumour for at least 6 months, prior to even the EU announcement on USB-C mandated by 2025.

Mr Kuo seems to save his predictions for things that are very obvious, and already widely discussed.


gameleon t1_izwhkpg wrote

It was a credible rumour because Kuo was the one to drop it 7 months ago (see this tweet)

Despite the OP title, the article linked isn't about Kuo revealing "iPhone 15 will come with USB-C". That was already revealed by him months ago. It's clarifying what iPhone 15 models will use which USB-C transfer speeds etc.


kygrtj t1_izwi8uc wrote

So basically he just waits for the most notable Apple expert to drop the news before he decides to confirm it?


gameleon t1_izwimee wrote

I'm not sure what you mean? What notable Apple expert dropped it earlier?

Kuo was the first credible insider source to drop the rumour back in May 2022. Two days later Mark Gurman (a writer for Bloomberg who is also very credible with reports on Apple's plans) confirmed it as well in an article.


eggimage t1_izwwvcy wrote

> Mr Kuo seems to save his predictions for things that are very obvious, and already widely discussed.

no…that couldn’t be further from truth. you probably have only heard of him in recent years and haven’t been following the leaks much. because you wouldn’t say he only predicts “obvious” things had you really been reading his notes for many years.

he has had a long history of having accurate insider information and handing out predictions in investors notes on things that were more than a year out, sometimes people even ridiculed for certain predictions he made because they seemed preposterous—certainly not “obvious” at all.

even in just recent years, he was the first to claim that apple was working on the satellite connectivity two years ago when nobody had even thought of the possibility of that. he also said that the 13” M2 MBP would keep the old form factor and only the Air would receive a new design, and everybody laughed at it saying “how would apple keep the old design for the pro model and sell it at a higher price when the air received the new design first?”, and guess what, that happens exactly like he said. there have been countless examples.

accurate leaks have already become even way harder to come by in recent years and lots fakers popped up, and what has been happening is that people confused the fake leaks for what he said, and remembered the few times he was dead wrong with his prediction.

while he is far from most accurate, he got so well known for a reason, and if he was only stating “obvious” things, people wouldn’t have cared about his notes for so many years. More people only became familiar with his name in the past few years when “apple leakers” popped up everywhere and apple started cracking down on them with full force. It was only after the Apple Watch 7 thing when almost all accurate leakers were fooled that many people began to notice the existence of these leakers and got the impression that Kuo was not credible. He has lost quite some connection for sure due to the crack down over the years, but he’s still one of the most accurate ones and an actual analyst.


LocoCoyote t1_izvzrl2 wrote

That’s like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow.


sarabada OP t1_izw00kz wrote

People were concerned Apple would wait until the iPhone 16 or 17 (closer to the deadline) rather than the next major release.


shit_dicks t1_izxqgw7 wrote

Would their entire lineup of phones sold as new need to be compliant? Because if so, then starting with the iPhone 15 makes sense. By the time the 16 rolls out, then you’d have the 16, 15, and SE (🤞🏼) all with USB C.


sarabada OP t1_izxr0um wrote

Only devices/models first released to the public on or after 28 December 2024 would have to comply. If Apple keeps up the yearly September releases that would mean the iPhone 17 (September 2025) is the first iPhone that has to comply to the regulations.


LocoCoyote t1_izw02er wrote

Which people?


sarabada OP t1_izw082y wrote

Almost every online thread involving any discussion about Apple and USB-C.

“They will go portless before USB-C” or “They will wait until just before the deadline” are common sentiments.

EDIT: Recent example of a thread with many such comments.


DreamWunder t1_izw2uaf wrote

It was pretty widely accepted that Apple was going to switch to usb c because of EU forcing law to switch. Any quick google search in past several weeks showed this


natayaway t1_izw3cz2 wrote

The EU law literally has it so that the deadline to switch is in 2024. Which is the deadline to get all the approval and certifications of a design, not sale of the device.

Which means it could be as late as 2025 with a Lightning iPhone if Apple held off that long, since that's when Apple would be releasing the phone they obtained certs for in 2024.

Moving to USB-C any earlier than the deadline is a move no one expects Apple to make.


spartaman64 t1_izz4ent wrote

true but you can easily see it coming with airpod 2 being type C


Timerly t1_izw6jy0 wrote

Design had to start way earlier. Since the EU decision hasn't been set to a timeframe for too long it was just prudent to expedite the switch in case the timeline got worse. So this really is water is wet news.


SpecialNose9325 t1_izw76ls wrote

My guess is that they are gonna take a gamble with the 2024 iPhone going portless and revert back in 2025 if shit hits the ceiling. Seems like a classing Apple move to me.


DevAnalyzeOperate t1_izw98x0 wrote

Totally out of character for Apple, can't disagree more.

What could be less Apple-like than admitting a mistake and changing a design to a better one after a year?


SpecialNose9325 t1_izwcwcc wrote

Apple does not have precedent of admitting fault in the past, but the Mac team in particular has gone back on their choices in the past few years, including publicly admitting that it didnt work out (Butterfly Keyboard, Ports, MagSafe).

On the iPhone side, they silently just add/remove features and dont mention it (TouchID on iPad, 3D Touch on iPhone)

So I see it possible that One of the 2024 iPhone (Pro Max/Ultra) will be portless, and its success will determine if the next years iPhone will stay portless or jump onto USB C.


stylz168 t1_izxf2nz wrote

I'm not sure why everyone jumps on that bandwagon. You would instantly alienate everyone who drives a car and doesn't have wireless CarPlay, just for starters.


SpecialNose9325 t1_izxj4vy wrote

I think you replied to the wrong thing


stylz168 t1_izxrcro wrote

I was referring to your comment on a portless iPhone Pro/Max/Ultra and how it would alienate a base of users right out of the gate.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j00pfy5 wrote

Alienate how ? It will simply be an exclusive feature that comes to the Max/Ultra first. It will have the same public reception as the dynamic island. I don't see how it could cause a negative image.

The carplay wire can be replaced by a massage puck and the world goes on.


[deleted] t1_izw44mi wrote



mrezhash3750 t1_izw5zin wrote

Why? The numbers serve their purpose. No need to get creative and confuse everyone.


Fresh-Temporary666 t1_j01cnmb wrote

Ive never owned an iPhone and think that would be stupid. I hate new names for tech they have always named in a series. I've always appreciated how the Playstation series doesn't deviate from that.


UsaToVietnam t1_izwajo5 wrote

Apple will never release a C port. They'll just throw in a dongle for compliance


Pepega_throw t1_izwc4hl wrote

USB 2.0 in 2023 is utterly absurd.


LocoCoyote t1_izwcbeg wrote

No, not really. The only reason they are implementing it at this time is for charging…I seriously doubt it will have the full USB-C functionality. EU is forcing this to happen now.

Not that I wouldn’t like to be able to connect more devices to my iPhone…but Apple won’t roll it out until they can ensure it won’t cause more problems than it solves.


TheHunter920 t1_izwgeqg wrote

there was some speculation that Apple would remove the port entirely, as Apple didn't confirm they would use USB-C, they only said they will "have to comply"

edit: Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed Apple's adoption of type-C, so glad to hear the "portless" iPhone won't be here anytime soon


spartaman64 t1_izz4s1y wrote

the EU commission thought of that and put in law that companies cant do that. also apple already signaled that they are going to comply by making airpod 2 usb C


nicuramar t1_j097gbi wrote

> the EU commission thought of that and put in law that companies cant do that.

No, actually. The legislation specifically only applies to devices being capable of being charged by wire, and up to 100W, and in certain categories.


Berova t1_izwa63v wrote

LOL I just ran across an article on Flipboard that said no USB-C until iPhone 17. I'd place my bet with Ming-Chi Kuo.


gizamo t1_izxc487 wrote

The iPhone 17 is when they would have to do it to meet the EU deadline. But, I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen sooner.


Liquidwombat t1_izx84h6 wrote

I placed my bat with no USB connection to the phone ever. If you pay careful attention to the specific wording that they’ve used talking about it, they only said that they would “comply with the law in the law specifically exempt devices they do not charge with a physical wired connection.


Good_Drive_7965 t1_izvyw8u wrote

This is nice to be Apple analyst. Good job. Well paid.


Agitated_Ad6191 t1_izwlwva wrote

What’s with the negativity around a USB-C connection on an iPhone? I love it on my MacBook and the easy connectivity it brings with tons of accessories and monitors. Haven’t heard any mac user complain about that. Please explain to me what the downside of USB-C is compared to the current lightning port?


PCgee t1_izx9e4z wrote

For real, using one cable for so many devices is amazing. I can literally charge everything I own EXCEPT for my iPhone with a single cable


PCgee t1_izx97to wrote

I’m sorry USB 2.0 on a USB-C connector in 2023? That’s just ridiculous.


Shin_Ramyun t1_izxwjww wrote

I’ve been using iPhones for 10 years and the only time this was slightly annoying was transferring all of my data to a new phone. It’s a one time thing and doesn’t affect me day-to-day. 480 Mbps is fast enough that you won’t notice for 99% of the time.


PCgee t1_izxzg5g wrote

Yeah you’re right, it definitely isn’t a day to day issue but given that Apple is only including it on the Pro models makes it clear that they know that some people do find it necessary/useful but they also think it’s justifiable to upcharge for what is technically already last generation technology


banme5lol t1_izw1cb4 wrote

I analyze the iPhone 15 will have a screen! Gasp!


striker69 t1_izw46dl wrote

If I had a nickel for every article about this particular subject, I’d be a billionaire.


AidenNo1 t1_izw4afu wrote

No shit Sherlock


GoldElectric t1_izw6wfv wrote

i hope so. im tired of hearing this every year since usb c has existed


MonkeyAlpha t1_izwgltf wrote

Magical! Brave!… Good!


gizamo t1_izxbw15 wrote

Apple ripping off that bandaid after the EU gave them a wee scratch. Imo, good on EU, and good on Apple for doing it quickly.

...bad on Apple for not doing it anytime over the last ~5 years. Still, late improvement is still good.


Liquidwombat t1_izx80mu wrote

I think these analysts are wrong. I think they’re gonna go straight up wireless only.


stylz168 t1_izxeqjx wrote

Wireless has shit data transfer rates and not everyone owns a mac to airdrop.


Liquidwombat t1_izxf9ef wrote

And? We’re talking about Apple here. Not everybody had wireless headphones when they eliminated the 3.5mm jack, not everybody was ready to get rid of physical media when they eliminated the CD ROM drive, not everybody was invested into CD-ROMs when they eliminated the floppy on the original iMac


spartaman64 t1_izz5adp wrote

the EU thought about that and put into the law that companies cant do that. also apple already signaled that they are moving in the direction of usb C by making airpod 2 usb C


Liquidwombat t1_izz6qlw wrote

No, they didn’t, it’s literally the opposite, the law literally says “in so far as devices charge with a wire” It specifically exempts devices that charge wirelessly.


spartaman64 t1_izzau52 wrote

thats more for stuff like smartwatches but yeah apparently i was mistaken and it was just in a draft and might not have made it into the final bill. but anyways apple would be playing with fire if they pull a stunt like that and it seems like they know it


Liquidwombat t1_izzcnz1 wrote

That’s what people said about them no longer including charging bricks, and removing the headphone jack, and removing the CD ROM drive, and removing the floppy drive…..


jimmyhoke t1_izw193f wrote

Wow, who’d a thunk it? Apple will follow the law?!?!?!


AIaris t1_izw5w6k wrote

the deadline is 2024, people predicted apple to go portless or wait until right before the deadline. this isn't as obvious as you think it is


shitpplsay t1_izw69uk wrote

love my iphone, but can't they stay thunderbolt? Same plug size as usb-c


Amtsschreiber t1_izwoxt5 wrote

What you mean "stay"? Lightning does not use Thunderbolt, so no iPhone ever has.


Gathorall t1_izwchop wrote

That depends on how Apple can handle the stuff inside. Nothing legal prevents them from integrating thunderbolt to the plug like they've done on macs as longs as it does not interfere with the port working to standard as USB-C.


spartaman64 t1_izz55jk wrote

not how things work. usb C has 24 pins lightning has 8 pins


sarabada OP t1_izzk8kr wrote

Lightning and Thunderbolt are different things. Thunderbolt (specifically version 3 and 4) is a interface that uses the same plug as USB-C


jazztaprazzta t1_izw8hzu wrote

If Apple switches to the Android connector I am out. The Lightning port is far superior in every aspect and you can find it only on more expensive high class accessories thus it's not used by poor people and we Apple users don't like poor people. ^/s


Gamerxx13 t1_izw3eng wrote

It takes courage to change the adapter after so many years, I’m just exited about apples presentation on usb c and how they are changing the industry!


Rahmadaxax t1_izwutk6 wrote

Replace courage with - The threat of legal trouble in one of the largest markets in the world


[deleted] t1_izw1tng wrote

Any idiot could figure this out. If apple continues with their current release schedule, the 14 will come out just before the USB-C deadline, and the iPhone 15 will fall after the deadline.


sarabada OP t1_izw22rf wrote

The 14 released two months ago. Going by the current release schedule the USB-C deadline would be just after the release of the iPhone 16 (late 2024). So a switch on the 15 is a bit earlier than expected.


[deleted] t1_izw2bef wrote

Point taken. I honestly didn't even know the 14 had released yet.