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Spartanfred104 t1_j1ao52t wrote

Lol, no shit.


LesbianCommander t1_j1bxlon wrote

Can we all just acknowledge how stupid this entire thing has been?

Elon: "Twitter can't be trusted, it has a huge bot problem and the fact that that can influence elections is bad. I will buy Twitter and get rid of the bots."

Elon: "Actually, I don't want to buy Twitter, Twitter lied to me about how many real users are on the platform. I wasn't given enough information on just how big the bot problem was."

Elon: "I was forced to buy Twitter, I will now do everything based on Twitter polls. Like asking if I should step down as CEO. Even though I initially said they can't be trusted."

Elon: "I lost the CEO Twitter poll, and then replied to a person who claims it was botted by saying 'interesting' as if I didn't know Twitter polls could be botted."


The_Running_Free t1_j1c8cf3 wrote

I mean, I voted and I didn’t like or RT. Am i a bot? lol


crayonflop3 t1_j1d5erl wrote

I mean he is showing you all how rigged it is. Lefties screamed that was all conspiracy theory but here you all are claiming it’s known and he’s stupid for it. Sounds like rank hypocrisy, but I’d expect nothing else from crazy koolaid drinking libs


Tostino t1_j1dmoqr wrote

Oh man, I wish you could see what you look like from the outside looking in.


crayonflop3 t1_j1e3xmu wrote

Yeah and I wish you could see how ridiculous and hypocritical you woke libs are. Christ, this place worshipped musk before he “came out” against your tribe’s bullshit.


LesbianCommander t1_j1e87qi wrote

So he knew it was rigged, but used it anyways. To what end?

Show it was rigged? No one is walking away with that being the message.

Why did the "Bring back Trump" vote go in favor of bringing back Trump then? Were the Dem bots suddenly NOT against Trump?

Why did Musk, who knows the votes are botted, then offer Trump a return? Shouldn't he have done the opposite to spite the vote bots?


ade_of_space t1_j1eevjw wrote

Because now that he owns twitter, he is the one that can act on bots.

That is also why he act surprised when people mention bots, because it is an act.

The fact he accused twitter to be responsible for the bots..
Yet he was dead silent after buying his way into the seat of those that he had previously accused of being responsible for the bots.

Simply because accusing bots would unavoidably ends up accusing himself if we follow the trail.

Those polls he "lost" had always convenient margin but more importantly, he never lost a poll that actually had an important impact:

-The journalist ban lift: he was still forced to do it as before the poll happened, he was under the threat of a massive fine from the European Union for threatening press/free speech

-The resignation: he was already searching for a ceo since long, it just happened that he made the poll after Tesla threatened to replace him as a CEO due to his absence and tomfoolery

His polls has been a farce that he used to trick people into thinking how democrat he is, like a banana republic trying to appear democratic by helding sham poll.

It doesn't take much to see the ruse, it isn't even a good or clever ruse but if it is enough to fool the average/slightly below average citizens then that is enough to fool half the population.


Carthonn t1_j1bp3ks wrote

Like I know the internet is dumb but have we achieved a new level of stupid? Spending $45 billion on a company that’s just people arguing over nonsense that isn’t profitable while issuing polls to make policy decisions is unimaginable stupidity.

Whatever happens, just remember you aren’t Elon Stupid. In the Stupidity Hall of Fame 90% of the Hall will be dedicated to Elon. That guy is a fucking moron.


CatProgrammer t1_j1d0gn6 wrote

He didn't even originally intend to buy Twitter, he was just trying to manipulate the stock but was so stupid he got locked into it.


GreatFairyDavi t1_j1dgzat wrote

I didn’t know this and that is absolutely rich


CatProgrammer t1_j1dhdne wrote

It's not a definite thing, but it matches his previous pattern of activity, especially when you factor in how he offered so much more than the actual estimated value of Twitter. He even tried to back out by claiming there were more bots than he was told but wasn't successful because the contract he signed didn't allow that as an option, I believe.


GreatFairyDavi t1_j1dhh5w wrote

Oh that’s


That’s beautiful

That’s what you get for trying to manipulate stocks and pretend your a good freedom fighter


naginagina t1_j1dw0f1 wrote

I know nothing about the law, but wasn't it because he waived due diligence or something?


CatProgrammer t1_j1dyv8x wrote

Going by r/EnoughMuskSpam/comments/w19d6j/twitters_filing_in_delaware_court_shows_musk_was/ you do due diligence before signing any contracts to begin with.


gnometrostky t1_j1azklk wrote

Breaking news, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west!


greenbayva t1_j1bakb0 wrote

You are a witch! All your science and facts won’t help you in in the fires of hell ya demon!


RS_Mich t1_j1bdhaq wrote

This is written for readers who have little idea how social media and the internet actually work and think there’s a human doing all these activities.


Layer_4_Solutions t1_j1f8kb9 wrote

But who is buying votes to decide which side of the tweet views are shown on?