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Killerbean83 t1_j26dzb7 wrote

Over here the problem is not the cost of the insurance. The problem is renegotiating the price for the new one if you claimed it.

Funny thing is that almost everyone has a fire insurance, the change is like 1 out of 10.000 or something that it happens to you. Cybercrime attacks are around 1 out of 8 these days.


YnotBbrave t1_j28rwoj wrote

If there is a high likelihood of cyber attack then real premiums will be sky high


danielisbored t1_j29klve wrote

Cyberinsurance is hella high, and to qualify you have to pass a strict security audit. So they cover themselves on both ends, high premiums and enforcing policies that reduce the chance of a payout. Most mom and pops won't be able to buy into such plans and just have to absorb the risk.


YnotBbrave t1_j2d28by wrote

That’s the world we created by tolerating cyber crime

I would like to see crack cia assassin teams finding hackers and shooting them all around the world, as a way to stop the legitimacy of cyber crime, but instead we get crimes criminals getting probation. Well we get what we pay for/vote for