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SyrioForel t1_j2azwks wrote

He’s going to jail either way, and for a very long time. If he pleads guilty, his chances of jail time are 100%. If he pleads not guilty, he has a one in a million shot of miraculously getting off.

He looked at those odds and decided, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”


el_muchacho t1_j2bbavk wrote

He is running after the clock, hoping that some change in political power will be more favorable to him, with, say, more corruptible people in charge.


Akratus2 t1_j2dxliy wrote

Yes but he gave shit tons of money to the democrats, so Trump would never help him, and the Democrats are looking to make an example of him. Bridges to both parties are burned.

Now his buisness partner who was giving money to the republicans could have gone with that strategy, but instead got a deal to help them get SBF which is the smartest thing he has done yet.


permanentmarker1 t1_j2b3pko wrote

Maybe in like 15 years. Not right away


Joe_Doblow t1_j2c7t1n wrote

15 years wouldn’t be bad… for him. He’d come out at 50 or whatever rich as fuck write a book etc marry a model


YawnDogg t1_j2ckhj9 wrote

Is there any proof this dweeb fucks hot women?


PerfectPercentage69 t1_j2cilaj wrote

No. It's going to be more than that. The sentence is heavily impacted by the amount of damage and the number of victims. Considering the damage is in the billions of dollars and there are millions of victims (ie. customers), he's most likely going to max out the criteria for sentence length.


blueB0mber t1_j2bq3h0 wrote

Well with no more wild sex parties he has to get off from something before he goes to prison for the rest of his life!


Nebuli2 t1_j2bco9k wrote

Sure he has a tiny chance if he pleads not guilty, but when he gets sentenced, it's gonna be for a lot longer.


ThisPlaceSucksRight t1_j2buv37 wrote

Did you read about the one Todd Chrisley went to or is going to? It irritates me so bad reading about the tennis and basketball courts, the hobby shops, the woodworking and music room. Pool room. Store that had everything Basically like a locked down apartment building. White collar criminals go to fantastic prisons and Sam won’t suffer. He will be there for max 10 years and come out to the billions left to him by his parents. I hate this dude.


SoylentRox t1_j2cpqpm wrote

It's the rules. White collar criminals are often smart - they know not to escape because they are able to plan ahead at least short windows into the future. (they wouldn't be criminals if they could plan long term). So the prison doesn't need bars or guard towers, just a daily roll call. If you escape they send you to a higher security facility.

They don't necessarily riot or destroy property, and they often have money stashed to afford the prison staples. If they do escape they don't necessarily murder or rape, maybe a little conning.

I'm just saying - some of the suffering violent criminals and poor criminals endure is because the prison HAS to be built like that. Another problem is the state prison system is inconsistent, some state prisons are hell on earth, others are probably about as nice as a federal prison.


jens-2420 t1_j2c9m0n wrote

Wait for it. American legal system works miraculously sometimes.


crabhope t1_j2czl19 wrote

I like your optimism that he will do a lot of time, but sadly I think he’ll maybe get out in 5.


RPL79 t1_j2e19yh wrote

Anything is possible. But he should plea out.