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guy_incognito784 t1_j2bodyu wrote

Yes. One is backed by the full faith and credit by the United States government, the other is not.


methcache t1_j2bokf4 wrote

Enjoy your hyperinflation bud


guy_incognito784 t1_j2bonwq wrote

It’s always nice when complete dipshits like to pretend they understand monetary and fiscal policy.

Hyperinflation, lol fucking dipshit. Stick to what you know….which appears to be trading avatars.


methcache t1_j2bow3m wrote

I object to this, I’m not a complete dipshit, just a bit of a dipshit. You take the cake tho, you’re just being rude


zoltan99 t1_j2bq5he wrote

Go look up examples of hyperinflation and reflect on your comment, or sit in ignorance thinking this is hyperinflation. Jesus. I mean, my god, that’s a lot of confidently being wrong packed in so few words, the density of the wrongness is actually impressive.


methcache t1_j2bqdxb wrote

You’re making a lot of assumptions here, never did I ever say we’re in hyperinflation right now. Chill my dude. Other guy doesn’t need anyone white knighting for him