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ColoradoSpringstein t1_j2c59hj wrote

Think about it. What did ftx do? Renamed a stadium, got Larry fucking David to do a Super Bowl commercial, made donations to politicians on both sides of the aisle, lobbied the chair of the finance committee to presumably help with the writing of any crypto related regulations, got tons of high profile celebrities to endorse and invest in their exchange, that they ran alongside their hedge fund, they bailed out or acquired bunch of other crypto exchanges.. like that’s a pretty large list of high profile side missions if this shit were just a scam. Idk I been smoking that good shit while looking into this. Going off on all sorts of tangents.

You can blame all this on the greater fool theory running wild and think that sbf just got a bunch of strangers to invest gobs of money with him that he then went on to do all this baller shit with. I just can’t buy it. Too early to tell but it’s fun to speculate.


TheNerdWithNoName t1_j2ca82c wrote

When you are conning people out of actual currency and giving them imaginary currency. Then assigning the imaginary currency a value based on who-knows-what, then you have a shitload of real spending money. When the whole thing is completely unregulated there isn't much stopping anyone from doing the same thing.