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Northernmost1990 t1_j1q424w wrote

Hahaha! Absolutely not. That's probably the most ridiculous prediction I've seen since the "Internet is a temporary fad" thing in the late 90's.

To think that white collar jobs are on their way out is a bitter blue collar cope.


fitzroy95 t1_j1r4t4o wrote

There are already many people using online accounting and legal services. And while there is probably a human in there somewhere, largely its using automated systems.

There are a bunch of white collar jobs that are very repetitive and based on well defined rules that are easy to be automated. Law clerks, accounting, are 2 of the easiest.


mrpoops t1_j1t9scy wrote

AI is not going to create jobs. Its going to become more efficient in the next decade and spring to “life” right in front of our eyes. It’s going to be better at our jobs than we are and that’s coming fast.

There will be entrepreneurs who tack AI onto some traditional process, replace all the workers, make a few more bucks than their competitors and “win” that market. A couple years of that and there will be nothing left.


f0gax t1_j1qbzef wrote

You know, if two years ago someone said "art can be replaced with AI", I would have had the same reaction as you did. But here we are with AI art that is good enough to at least take the place of commercial artists.

My opinion on the subject is that we're all eventually going to be replaced with some kind of AI or AI-assisted system. And the last to go will be the service tradespeople. Meaning the person you call to come fix your clogged pipes or put up a light fixture. Those jobs tend to be more about thinking and doing based on the specifics of the environment.

For anything else, 95% (or more) of our jobs can or will be turned into a process that a robot/program can follow.


Northernmost1990 t1_j1qqaor wrote

Eh, I work in art/design and AI is a fantastic tool. But it won't replace me any more than something like Unreal engine has replaced me.

If you're not in professional art, you just can't know; and if you are in professional art, I'd be curious to know why you'd see AI as a legitimate threat.

Non-artists' reactions to AI are strangely reminiscent of non-artists' reaction to early 3D modeling software.


elegance78 t1_j1q7jn4 wrote

Let's see how that works out for you. We sure will be living in very interesting times shortly...


one_hyun t1_j1ql2su wrote

Yes, let's see. You seem so convinced but AI will merely become a tool for use for white collar jobs. And the advent of AI will shift jobs to another field, not get rid of them altogether.


Northernmost1990 t1_j1q7tzs wrote

Looking forward to it. And who knows, maybe the Internet is a passing fad, after all!


one_hyun t1_j1qlcns wrote

Nope. This is more equivalent to saying the Internet will get rid of jobs. AI is going to cause a massive shift in the job market, but it won't make jobs irrelevant. The Internet caused a massive increase in tech jobs.