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whatdoiwantsky t1_j1r6n3a wrote

I mean the European system. Which is better than America's. But you already knew that. You just want to be the bad faith aggro troll. Props to you


fitzroy95 t1_j1r7kkr wrote

FFS - nothing there was a "bad faith aggro troll", other than your defensiveness.

I was merely stating that Europe will be forced to go the UBI route as well as AI & automation becomes more capable and moves into more and more jobs.

Certainly European nations are much more likely to start using some form of UBI well before the USA does, and their social welfare system is likely to transition in the direction increasingly over the next couple of decades.


whatdoiwantsky t1_j1r8syq wrote

You are talking about the might be. You asked me about now. Right now, European citizens are better off healthier and happier than a US citizen.


fitzroy95 t1_j1r9mvi wrote

the discussion was about UBI, something that doesn't already exist very widely, so the discussion was clearly about the future and "might be".

and you still haven't provided an alternative to UBI, which is what I asked about before you got so aggro.

And Yes, I know that much/most of the western world take care of their citizens better than the USA, but that was never part of the discussion.


whatdoiwantsky t1_j1rb9ut wrote

That's fine. Sounds like we're in fundamental agreement tbh. My point was I would prefer that the US pursue the "European" style before it pursued UBI.