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kar132435 t1_j2cjrqr wrote

I understand some of these words individually.


h2g2Ben t1_j2dedtg wrote

This is cool and not that complicated!

For current resin 3d printers you have a vat with resin, a platform that lowers into that vat, and a UV light source below the vat to expose the resin.

For this, they added a second vat that can move relative to the platform and UV light source. So you can swap out materials by moving this platform with two different vats on it.

BUT resin is thick and sticks to the print. So if you're switching material you need to get the old resin off otherwise you'll mess up your print and contaminate the resins. So they added a motor to the platform to spin the old resin off between material switches.

Sounds messy, but it's a cool way to get multi-material resin prints.


alaskafish t1_j2dsxzw wrote

Sounds like every print would take several hours longer


h2g2Ben t1_j2ehe8z wrote

I mean, considering there was no practical way to make this kind of print before, I think a slightly longer print time is a fine compromise.


raversgonewild t1_j2ckmje wrote

Two of these objects are chess boards


Mbaker1201 t1_j2dmpr5 wrote

Using a Flux Capacitor? Asking for a friend…