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yikes27652 t1_izzaelu wrote

Not to mention that we have people all over the place, including sr government officials, refusing to appear in front of congress when subpoenaed, and they face literally 0 consequences. Sets a great example/precedent.


RedmannBarry t1_izzefdz wrote

I wish I was rich

Edit: they just arrested his ass in the Bahamas

Edit: here


azurleaf t1_izzjmgu wrote

You see, he is rich.

Problem is, he pissed off a lot of other, far more wealthy people. Individuals who really don't like being screwed over. He's finished.


Bright-Ad-4737 t1_izzt1ql wrote

We'll find out if he's rich. Either all his wealth was in FTX, in which case he is no longer rich, or is isn't, and he might have some money stashed away somewhere. It's gonna be interesting seeing this one play out.


Nieshtze t1_izzv6t7 wrote

I'm sure he's stashed a boatload of money in offshore accounts and cryptocurrency wallets. I don't think the government will be able to lay its hands on his money.

The government will be able to take most of his money, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has a few million dollars (a tiny portion of his large fortune) hidden away in hard to track crypto-wallets and offshore accounts.


Kahzootoh t1_j00d8n0 wrote

Odds are they'll get ahold of his computers, phones, correspondence, and financial records to basically figure out where he stuffed the cash by going through the records.

If it is in a bank account abroad, they can seize it with the proper paperwork and court orders. The reach of the US government is considerable, especially when dealing with people are already incarcerated in US prisons. There are some places that don't play ball with the US, but putting money in those places is a considerable risk.

If he tucked it away in a hard drive or some other form of digital storage, they can probably crack that - either the password is something that is similar to his previous passwords and can be figured out with analysis and time, or has he generated a random character password and stored this password somewhere.

I can see guys who steal tens of millions being able to hide some of it, especially if they worked alone -or at least limited their partners- and have a limited digital trail.

SBF stole billions; enough money to make it worth going through every minute of the last decade of his life with a fine-toothed comb, he worked with a ton of other people who have knowledge on his methods (and are young enough to desperately want to avoid spending decades in prison themselves- so they will testify), and he was basically plugged into one device or another at all times.


Nieshtze t1_j00gjdq wrote

>SBF stole billions; enough money to make it worth going through every minute of the last decade of his life with a fine-toothed comb, he worked with a ton of other people who have knowledge on his methods (and are young enough to desperately want to avoid spending decades in prison themselves- so they will testify), and he was basically plugged into one device or another at all times.

This is a good point... The fact that he has billions probably makes it worth it to put a bunch of federal agents to work and crack his case. However, I still think he probably managed to sock away a few millions of dollars (a small drop in the ocean compared to his fortune) in offshore accounts/crypto wallets (Russia/China?) that may not be worth pursuing.


Kahzootoh t1_j00lqnc wrote

If SBF takes some form of plea deal (which he almost certainly will- Madoff did, and Madoff was smarter than this guy by an order of magnitude), it's basically guaranteed that a condition of his deal will be to disclose where all the money went- he won't be allowed to retain any of it.

That makes tracking down the little amounts worthwhile, because it only takes a tiny amount of money to render his plea deal null if it can be shown that he has broken the terms of the agreement.


ExoticCard t1_j032m5u wrote

No. No wallets. Memorized the wallet information. Can open it any time in the future. It's in his brain. That's freedom.


ExoticCard t1_j032ox7 wrote

No. No wallets. Memorized the wallet information. Can open it any time in the future. It's in his brain. That's freedom.


Bright-Ad-4737 t1_j009w7r wrote

Oh, the US has an extradition treaty with the Bahamas. Unless he somehow manages to somehow El Chapo the police in the Bahamas, he's unlikely to escape the US justice system.


Alert-Garlic1998 t1_j00h2am wrote

The question now is does he go out like Madoff or like Epstein?


Bright-Ad-4737 t1_j00jyys wrote

My money's on Holmes, but who knows? Maybe he could pull off an Adam Neumann and get Andreessen Horowitz to back him again. Somehow Trump is still out there not in jail (so far).


Alert-Garlic1998 t1_j023wze wrote

Wait. You’re thinking he’ll try to delay sentencing by getting pregnant?


Bright-Ad-4737 t1_j02b4fc wrote

Anything's possible these days. Delaying the process due to transitioning and then again for pregnancy. Welcome to the strange future we never thought we'd be in.


Nieshtze t1_j00g5kh wrote

Oh, I have no doubts that he will be arrested and put to justice. I'm only talking about him hiding away a few millions of his billions of dollars in crypto 'sock drawers' of sorts.


Lemonio t1_j00mozm wrote

If it’s crypto that crashed could be not worth much


AssCakesMcGee t1_j00sl60 wrote

He'll get Epstein'd


moratnz t1_j01bwvq wrote

Does he have secrets? He's hurt the rich and powerful, but isn't an ongoing danger. Take his toys and stick him in one of the poors' prisons and that's enough.


Ghstfce t1_j008440 wrote

Wasn't the reason they got him was because he moved the house in the Bahamas to his parent's names? Or is that some other rich fuck?


Twerkatronic t1_j01156g wrote

He got a 1-billion-dollar personal loan from Alameda

Yes, billion with a B


vintagebat t1_j003epp wrote

There’s a really good chance he wasn’t just in the Bahamas on vacation.


Bright-Ad-4737 t1_j00a25m wrote

The company was headquartered there. If he was trying to evade the US authorities there, it was a pretty dumb move because the Bahamas has an extradition treaty with the US.


vintagebat t1_j00b1er wrote

Bahamas is a huge tax shelter. I’m going to guess he’s been treated with kid gloves so much, he thought he was only going there to avoid taxes.


Bright-Ad-4737 t1_j00d560 wrote

Of course he would have avoided taxes, there are no taxes on income or capital gains for citizens and residents in the Bahamas. It's not really "kid gloves", everyone gets that treatment there.


vintagebat t1_j00egln wrote

I meant more by the US DOJ, who up until now has been letting him walk free.


RedmannBarry t1_izzjs88 wrote

Ya that’s why they got him. Still. He won’t be treated as bad as all the other inmates. This place is broken.


pessimistoptimist t1_izzlnsa wrote

He pissed then off without having a blackbook in his pocket that had dates and names of people invovled in 'certain activities'


sleepingwiththefishs t1_j005rsp wrote

All that gets you is hung.


humanefly t1_j00qpyq wrote

I figure if I were as wealthy and connected as Epstein, with a black book like that I should be able to smuggle in some drugs to put me in a coma that is so convincing I appear to be dead, and then the prison will call an ambulance, when the "ambulance" comes my employees will come inside the prison, put my on a stretcher and carry me out and no one will stop them. I'll have them shut off the cameras first, and have the guards take a nap just to be sure no one sees me taking the drugs and falling into a coma.

Once I'm out, all I really have to do is bribe a coroner I guess

Then I guess eventually I might get some facial reconstruction surgery but it's not really a pressing matter, because I'm "dead."


Meg_119 t1_izzx8ae wrote

True, if you piss-off retail traders by naked shorting stocks nothing happens. But if you steal from the 1% ers then you will be punished.


smalleybiggs_ t1_j004s3c wrote

Exactly. Only reason Elizabeth Holmes got convicted is because she defrauded wealthy investors, not because she ruined the lives of many patients.


Bgal31089 t1_izzn5yb wrote

Or he stole for the right people and he is going to walk right out the back door like Epstein did and live a life of luxury and anonymity/thought to be dead on an island somewhere


DVRKV01D t1_izzwh9d wrote

He should’ve chose a better spot to run than an open ass island chain like the Bahamas. Even if the feds didn’t come snatch his ass some ex intelligence wet teams damn sure would’ve on god. $10Bil ain’t an amount u run off wit and “hide” in the open in the fucking Bahamas like a moron I knew his ass was finished when I saw him admit to fraud in that interview. I bet u it’s gon be a while before they get Caroline.


Meg_119 t1_izzxq2j wrote

Just read an article by Gasparino that she retained big time Lawyers.


DVRKV01D t1_izzynpr wrote

The irony. It’s funny cuz the media was portraying Sam like the evil genius and she was caught up in over her head. But we see Sams ass is the 1 acting like a dumb ass deer in headlights and snitching on himself in 4K on a mf interview like an idiot. If I had his kind of $ and his kind of political connections/favors no fuccin way they would’ve found me, much less in the fucking Bahamas 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


Meg_119 t1_izzzfwl wrote

Yep. But maybe he wasn't so dumb. All of these interviews were made public....he might have been trying to protect himself from suicide under mysterious circumstances.


DVRKV01D t1_j0019gl wrote

Yeah wouldn’t want to end up getting Epsteined or end up like them other 4 crypto bros that crashed their yacht after shooting themselves 2 times in the head or whatever bullshit story they had said. That last 1 was the most obvious.


lanahci t1_j035ywk wrote

The one guy who went swimming with his wallet and shit in his pockets


RF1408 t1_j020718 wrote

Rule 1. Do not piss off the money.


YnotBbrave t1_j01ts3j wrote

You see, he was rich.

If his company was still worth 16B, his Politico friends would stay on board supporting him. But now that the ship is sinking, the rats are scurrying away


psychedduck t1_izzi2ry wrote

I haven’t been this excited to see someone go down on flames since Elizabeth Holmes. Fuck these tech shysters.


Bright-Ad-4737 t1_izzt4m7 wrote

Tech?! Crypto 'aint tech. Crypto is just a grift in tech clothing.


foldingcouch t1_izzk255 wrote

Calling it now, he dies in custody in the Bahamas tonight.

Once the FTX collapse became unavoidable, about 500 million was transferred from FTX to the government of the Bahamas under very unusual circumstances. He's not making it back to the US.


memberjan6 t1_izzl2th wrote

If you follow the money, who benefits in that scenario?


danimalDE t1_izzmm6v wrote

Other hedgies in the us that made donations to juuuust the right politicians….


wejustsaymanager t1_izzpzxm wrote

Cough citadel cough has assets in bahamas cough ken griffin


Meg_119 t1_izzycy9 wrote

Yup and KenG has been running a nonstop publicity show for several weeks claiming his Company has made big profits even though every other Company is crying about big losses.


Lemonio t1_j00mzaz wrote

That’s dumb, no one has anything to gain by assassinating him, he’s not worth anything anymore


BassmanBiff t1_izzn7f4 wrote

Hope you come back to check on this comment in a few days


LlamaCamper t1_j003iiy wrote


I wish I were rich. "Unreal conditional clause"


Reddit_sucks21 t1_izzo5f0 wrote

Yeah, it means jack shit now. The senate don't mean shit unless they do something about it.


lemmecheckit t1_j005h7k wrote

It's Garland. He refuses to do anything when people ignore subpoenas


calmatt t1_j01bctb wrote

Ive never really been on board with the legislative branch having the power to subpeona, and being able to throw people in prison for contempt.

Leave that to the judicial branch.


TittieBop t1_j0223oo wrote

Steve Bannon was sentenced to prison for this. It just depends on if you're a republican or not.


plopseven t1_izzbsdk wrote

It must be really cool having no repercussions for your actions.


JonstheSquire t1_izzionr wrote

He was arrested.


plopseven t1_izziriy wrote

Yeah, just got the notification. Now let’s see what happens and how long it takes.


jeanleonino t1_izze4br wrote

Someone is afraid of jail.

edit: this aged extremely well


[deleted] t1_j0026nv wrote



badpeaches t1_j004z0m wrote

> Someone is afraid of jail

>> If I was as ugly as he is I would be too

What does being ugly in jail have to do with anything?


evolvingkid1 t1_j00icod wrote

Boy toy.. butt stuff... Mr. Slave from south park


Not_n_A-Hole_usually t1_izza3gl wrote

Who does he think he is, a Republican government official? He can testify via video link from prison. He was offered a chance to come in on his own. He’ll be found.

Edit: The news as of 20 minutes ago says he’s been snagged. I rest my case on the matter. A lot of people have been downvoting me the last few weeks as I insisted he would not get away with it.


brows1ng t1_izzij3x wrote

That was quick - looks like he’s been arrested


octaviusromulus t1_izzggyv wrote

Hang on, wasn't it only this morning when he was going to testify? What happened?

Update: he got arrested. That's apparently what happened. LOL.


thejynxed t1_j014ejk wrote

They nabbed him before he could flee to Israel after being issued a Congressional subpoena.


[deleted] t1_izzgcu2 wrote



Gutotito t1_izzhczt wrote

When you have enough (stolen) money, that's exactly how it works.


JonstheSquire t1_izzitbb wrote

It actually is how subpoenas work. If they wanted to serve him personally in the Bahamas he they would have to do it through the Hague Convention and it would take months. Otherwise they need his lawyers to affirmatively agree to accept service on his behalf.


Budmanes t1_izzgwmb wrote

Sounds like someone needs a contempt of Congress charge and a comfy jailcell


dagbiker t1_j029r4k wrote

Usually the Senate asks first, then, if a person refuses they send an order. Most people accept the ask because then they are not required to answer any questions, they just can't lie.


sleazy24 t1_izzj6tj wrote

Crypto isn't investing, it's gambling. How much money can you extract through producing trust and hype before pulling out and moving on to the next project (grift). Crypto is designed to allow for circumvention of all the existing rules of finance. Everyone involved knows this. His friends are gone, the moneys gone, poof. I don't give a shit about Sam or any of the people who lost money.


futurewsbgod t1_j00ks6b wrote

And the stock market isn’t? Individual stocks get messed with every day especially Pennie’s.

You could easily create squeezes taking advantage of Greeks on low volume tickers for less than $1M on a bunch of stocks if you wanted to. Risk is not having anyone to sell your contracts too if you do.

Even with all the “rules” all markets get messed with. Hopefully he gets the Bernie treatment. Just be happy he is arrested and things are moving along like it should.


Temporary_Draw_4708 t1_j00a3rv wrote

It’s “investing” in currency. Though, there isn’t any inherent value-generating process behind what you’re investing in, which is why it’s hard to call it investing.


sleazy24 t1_j00avw3 wrote

Dude tell me why any of this is necessary? We have currencies. Why would anyone need a different currency for every step of a financial transaction?? So that grimy vampires can suck out value every step of the way. Gas fees, conversion issues, using tons of electricity, all for NOTHING. I've yet to see anything of value actually come from any of these coins. Because people think the coin itself is going to make something cool, I guess? I was a part of what I thought to be the coolest project I could find, Arpeggi Studio. On Chain Digital Audio Workstation, mintable original music. And my experience with those vampires killed every hope I had for crypto. As soon as I showed even a small amount of skill, they jumped on me to make money for THEM. Do work for THEM. Because every crypto bro is either a talentless dweeb or a stoner loser. That's why they dive into all of the 'tech' which is absurdly convoluted by design so that only the people in the know can properly navigate the system.


twohundred37 t1_j00dyfu wrote

It’s necessary because it’s closer to actually becoming a stable way to trade value than the current fiat system, in that it is non-inflationary (how you can’t hear those alarm bells of inflation ringing is beyond me), sometimes deflationary, and decentralized, meaning the tool (the currency) works so efficiently that it needs no central bank or federal reserve.

The project you found sounds really fucking cool when reading the words you wrote about it, but I could see how there would be a confusion between what service you were getting in exchange for what value you were generating or providing. Also, I can see it getting really greedy from non artists preying on artists. That tends to happen no matter what currency you exchange. Lol.


sleazy24 t1_j00fn4j wrote

Fair enough, fiat isnt perfect. Could crypto and fiat exist in some sort of harmony? Chaos and order haha. Hopefully but I really don't like the prospect. I'm really considering buying big chunks of gold at this point...


jazir5 t1_j01di65 wrote

>meaning the tool (the currency) works so efficiently that it needs no central bank or federal reserve.

It also means there is literally no one who can help you when you are a victim of fraud. The crypto that Sam Bankman-Fried managed is gone. No regulatory agency like FDIC will cover your losses. Crypto transactions are irreversible. Someone takes your cash, you're fucked. And a shitload of people lost all of their holdings in the FTX scandal.

We can see the results of that playing out before our eyes. Crypto is good for gambling(that's all you're doing as you wait for the price to rise or fall), racking up a win by selling when the price is higher than you bought it for, and then pulling out your money into real cash as fast as possible before the value inevitably crashes(and then recovers again at some indeterminate point in the future), if you're lucky enough to time it right. It's not very easy to catch that falling knife.


twohundred37 t1_j00d340 wrote

Sometimes it’s currency, sometimes the way that currency works will pay you for staking your assets and rewarding with fees collected from the network. Kind of like saying it’s hard to call “investing” in a credit card company investing.


twohundred37 t1_j0045eh wrote

You really don’t give a shit about families that will wake up on Christmas morning with nothing? All because they were chasing the American dream, a system that allowed such a fucking disaster to happen in the first place?

Designed to allow for circumvention of all the existing rules of finance is a stretch. Often, it is designed to disrupt the entire way we exchange value, so it’s disingenuous to phrase it that way.

The market is incredibly volatile, yes… is that your definition of gambling? Probably. Is that the definition of gambling? No.

I have a feeling you got burned, or missed the boat.


sleazy24 t1_j008te2 wrote

>I have a feeling you got burned, or missed the boat.

Do you not realize this is the exact FOMO gospel crypto bros NEED you to continue to regurgitate? Yeah sure, anyone critical of crypto is either a loser or upset they didn't manage to scam somebody else. I made some money and lost some money just like everybody else, and you know what? I realized at the end of the day it all comes back to USD, you know, the currency people actually respect because there are human beings backing it. Trust. Fuck a trustless system. Why? Because you get this exact scenario over and over and over, with no way to get any of it back... Just trust the code bro, we double checked it!! Meanwhile the people with access to the funds screw everybody over because EVERYONE IN CRYPTO IS IN IT FOR THEMSELVES. Rinse, repeat. WAGMI my ass BRO. Get a real job and create something of actual value instead of stupid jpegs you fucking dweebs lol. How many billions of dollars changing hands daily and for what?

>The market

What market? Jpegs? Its all bullshit bro, youre either a scammer or scammed. Holy shit the entire thing is useless and ret*rded lmaooo. I'll kill myself before I pay for groceries with WhateverthefuckCoin. In GOD we TRUST you damn heathens....

This has been your daily dose of FUD. Thanks for reading.


twohundred37 t1_j00bs7k wrote

I had the feeling because you seemed so angry, not because I have a feeling my comment in a Reddit thread is going to spur some fucking price action in a cryptobro rug pull.

This is money you’re talking about. There are people who will take advantage of you whether it’s the current system, or in the waves of a disruption in that system. Anywhere, any time, in any way.

Crypto actually solves that problem eventually, but centralized exchanges have propped crypto up like a crutch to adoption pains.

Jpegs? You really want to start that conversation? Haha. You need to zoom out, friend. These are technologies. Tools people will use to interact, keep records, make agreements, transact, etc.

A problem with “actual human beings backing it (with) trust” occurs when 30% of the currency is printed within a year. It gets pretty difficult to divide trust, if you will. You’re angry about people setting up scams in uncertain times, be angry at crypto if you want I guess. I spent way too much time on this conversation I think


sleazy24 t1_j00efv3 wrote

It's not a waste of time to have these discussions. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I see some sort of value in blockchain but what we're currently doing with it is STUPID. We can't allow ourselves to sink into the metaverse, we need to build shit in our communities, in 3 dimensions. It pains me to see so many intelligent, talented people move to LA to sell virtual property and shit omfg... We all know the 'crypto utopia' people envision leads directly into the cyberpunk dystopia we all (should) fear. See: the #1 nft CryptoPunks... I know there's more to blockchain than the metaverse shit but we already have systems of recording transactions, interacting, making agreements. Not everything needs to be on the blockchain. I'd argue almost nothing does besides some complicated supply chain stuff maybe. But even then it's all about the Benjamins.

Dude why do you think centralized exchanges take off like they do? Because who wants to bother to protect their own funds?? I trust the US banks because theyre human beings with feelings who will hopefully not fuck me over. I cant say the same about any of the crypto exchanges ruled by cold permanent code by dudes on private islands


twohundred37 t1_j00fgd6 wrote

Man, after all of that we sort of agree. Haha. What we’re currently doing with it is dumb. But the technology (hell yeah there’s value in the blockchain! :)) underneath the mess and failings of human nature is, to me, cryptocurrency. It’s an innovation, and if the current global economic problems continue on their current trajectory, it may be a revolution. I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but to me, why not throw 5% of my paycheck at it? It’s cool to watch the space grow. capitalist markets weed out the scammers pretty quickly, and if they don’t, the government intervenes.

It is good to learn where the oppositions come from. You’re right. This is why I’m on Reddit, these discussions. I appreciate your contributions to this one!


sleazy24 t1_j00ja7p wrote

Heck yeah man we always have to strive to find some kind of middle ground. We all offer different perspectives and I know i have bias from my own experiences, not that I haven't had pleasant interactions in the crypto space as well. We all want financial security and accountability for the people with power and influence, and maybe crypto will play a role in a new system. Fingers crossed man. Good luck out there


fistymcbuttpuncher t1_j007jh3 wrote

What part of gambling do you not understand?


twohundred37 t1_j008hq8 wrote

You can use the crypto market to gamble, sure. And in the same light, the New York stock exchange is the same type of casino. But there are real projects trying to disrupt the entire infrastructure of finance, and coming up with some incredible answers to difficult problems. I support advancement, so I buy some of these coins and tokens because I believe in what they’re doing.


fistymcbuttpuncher t1_j009wvg wrote

The only way to get a 'return' on crypto is if someone buys it from you for more than you paid. You can get dividends from stocks.

They are not the same and anyone who says they are is on meth.


twohundred37 t1_j00cd56 wrote

You clearly have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. Dividends are paid out from profits to share holders much like staking crypto, where an asset is held and regularly paid from fees collected by the network.


SmplTon t1_izzitnj wrote

I thought subpoenas were compulsions, not invitations.


RogerRabbit1234 t1_j002jxc wrote

1000$ fine and up to a year in prison, only if the senate pursues the contempt citation.


escapedfromthecrypt t1_j008fvf wrote

The Senate has let several members of the executive ignore and lie to them for ages. What's the point?


SnooApples9991 t1_izzgmsv wrote

What a fucking joker, this guy gets elevated just like Elon too. Cats on here copying his supplement use and shit 🤣 he’s just another bro


Gutotito t1_izzh9ig wrote

Then turn him loose to the public. Let a few of the folks whose money he stole have their way with him. I guarantee he'll pick testifying over that.


littleMAS t1_izzmp1v wrote

The next generation's Bernie Madoff.


kinglear__ t1_izzsz1k wrote

That nitwit Caroline Ellison must be sweating bullets rn


snarkuzoid t1_j006wec wrote

Throw him in jail. Along with all the scumbag politicians who have made this kind of bullshit the norm.


stuckinaboxthere t1_j00coi9 wrote

Why is this even an option that's allowed, "We need you to come in for questioning before one of the highest offices of government in the USA regarding potential federal crimes" ", I don't think I will"


futurewsbgod t1_j00kczo wrote

He’ll be coming in for questioning to another high office. The justice department


eleven-fu t1_izzfc0z wrote

Make him spend one week on skid row.


yang-n-ying t1_izzidkr wrote

Do him like Madoff.


pillars2success t1_j00fe28 wrote

Hell no. Madoff screwed ppl out of $65 billion. SBF should be charged for money laundering and fraud and get 20+ years, not a life sentence


PickFit t1_izzmoi7 wrote

What's with the swastika pattern in the background


dlq84 t1_j0114im wrote

You might wanna look up its origin, it wasn't invented in the 30s.


PickFit t1_j01mcfe wrote

Ya no shit and it wasn't made in Germany I just think it's funny because it's here randomly.

Did you just learn about it's origin or something? Pseudo intelligence out here in full force this guy googled the swastika


jasoncross00 t1_izzvouy wrote

This guy is going down so hard.

He committed the cardinal sin of a rich white guy: He defrauded other rich people.

That's why Elizabeth Holmes is doing 11+ years. Not for defrauding thousand and thousands of patients, but for four counts of defrauding investors.


TheLizardKing89 t1_j00k6hp wrote

Of course he’s refusing to testify, he’s facing charges. Invoking his 5th Amendment rights is probably the smartest thing he’s done in years.


humanefly t1_j00qb9c wrote

What a strange site, when I scrolled down the entire page was filling with a video advertisement; I couldn't scroll away from it. It seemed like some sort of scummy advertising ridden bottom end of the interwebs, like I might catch a virus from it dirty


oh of course


AnchoriteOfPalgrave t1_j00skeb wrote

Love how optional everything is for rich blancos. No wonder markets self destruct into fraud.


walkman634 t1_j01o019 wrote

Tbf Senate hearings are conducted in a very unprofessional and condescending manner, just so that the Senators can generate viral videos with edgy titles and memes, so I wouldn't be surprised that nobody would want to appear there.


Soundwave10000 t1_j0264te wrote

I’d consider making that an automatic felony. The entire point of the Congress is to act as a legislator with authority.


Strange-Effort1305 t1_j02rfvh wrote

Pleading the 5th should be a felony? That’s def not how it works in America


Soundwave10000 t1_j02se20 wrote

No, he should go to congress and plead the 5th there at each question. If you get a court summons and don’t go you can get charged with contempt.


dagbiker t1_j029i0k wrote

Just have the Senate call him on discord.


Strange-Effort1305 t1_j02rcby wrote

Well yeah what lawyer would let their client, who is under indictment, publicly testify under oath about the facts alleged in the indictment. This is probably the first smart thing this guy has done in years.


Similar_Coyote1104 t1_j0347i0 wrote

Not smart. He can avoid self incrimination by pleading the 5th, but you gotta show up. This refusal will guarantee a contempt of congress charge on top of whatever else happens.


[deleted] t1_izzh1mz wrote

maybe he had a bad hair day


BlastedSandy t1_izzi6er wrote

Arrest this fucking guy already…

What the actual fuck.


DetectiveTank t1_izzjqa9 wrote

Mommy and daddy will protect him.


lostinleft t1_izzp4gu wrote

Looks like he finally listened to a lawyer.


newsreadhjw t1_izzpxmi wrote

They wanted to hear his spiel so bad, they should have scheduled it sometime when he wasn’t busy being extradited and arraigned, and what have you.


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_izzselj wrote

They’re Gonna give em the John M treatment. Guards… take 5. Looks like someone’s feelin suicidal….


FreshlyWritten69 t1_izzxaoy wrote

Well yeah … lying in front of congress is a felony


LifeDraining t1_izzzsio wrote

Probably snagged so he cant be found or heard from ever again.


commiesrrad t1_j0077r7 wrote

Weird that he got “arrested” right before he was supposed to testify. It’s almost like he wasn’t reliable like jack and Zuckerborg


dbx999 t1_j008x4c wrote

Y’all see the swatztikas in the background trim of that picture?


last_ent t1_j00qz16 wrote

After exposing his idiocy in recent interviews, maybe he wants to avoid becoming an idiot on nation television.


Son-of-ugly t1_j016cfe wrote

Still waiting on that video


kev_gnar t1_j019kp2 wrote

Can’t stand it when someone’s necktie looks so shitty


Briz-TheKiller- t1_j01b01m wrote

He paid political parties... Why will he?


mikebanetbc t1_j01lg7h wrote

Imagine if he didn’t send that Tweet, tagging Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, about coming to testify with him. Pretty much led to his downfall.


mintchan t1_j01nslv wrote

LoL will see dude


PM_me_your_skis t1_j02kfnv wrote

Maybe this is a dumb question, but why would he testify in front of Congress in the first place? Would that have led to filing charges against him if he wasn't already arrested?


butterflypoo69 t1_j03aobz wrote

I wonder if he will be “Epsteined?” 😱


Up2myneck365 t1_j00ae29 wrote

Does anyone else see the swastikas.


b-arlender t1_j013zd0 wrote

Hes a dickhead, but still based


SftwEngr t1_izzfmda wrote

Why refuse? You can lie all day to Congress and they'll just believe you with no ramifications. Just ask Fauci.


Proper-Fix-8411 t1_izzeg7z wrote

Must be nice to have Democrat friends I. High places.


gk99 t1_izzf46m wrote

It's cute that you're being contrarian, but the Trump cult that tried to take over the government doesn't need a devil's advocate.


the_red_scimitar t1_izztypx wrote

Don't bother, he's been around a year and has like five comments, totaling negative 19 points. This is a real nobody, who apparently gets on for the occasional troll thrill.


[deleted] t1_izzim0x wrote

Right because it’s just “Democrats” who are corrupt. Fucking moron.