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foldingcouch t1_izzk255 wrote

Calling it now, he dies in custody in the Bahamas tonight.

Once the FTX collapse became unavoidable, about 500 million was transferred from FTX to the government of the Bahamas under very unusual circumstances. He's not making it back to the US.


memberjan6 t1_izzl2th wrote

If you follow the money, who benefits in that scenario?


danimalDE t1_izzmm6v wrote

Other hedgies in the us that made donations to juuuust the right politicians….


wejustsaymanager t1_izzpzxm wrote

Cough citadel cough has assets in bahamas cough ken griffin


Meg_119 t1_izzycy9 wrote

Yup and KenG has been running a nonstop publicity show for several weeks claiming his Company has made big profits even though every other Company is crying about big losses.


Lemonio t1_j00mzaz wrote

That’s dumb, no one has anything to gain by assassinating him, he’s not worth anything anymore


BassmanBiff t1_izzn7f4 wrote

Hope you come back to check on this comment in a few days