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sleazy24 t1_j00efv3 wrote

It's not a waste of time to have these discussions. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I see some sort of value in blockchain but what we're currently doing with it is STUPID. We can't allow ourselves to sink into the metaverse, we need to build shit in our communities, in 3 dimensions. It pains me to see so many intelligent, talented people move to LA to sell virtual property and shit omfg... We all know the 'crypto utopia' people envision leads directly into the cyberpunk dystopia we all (should) fear. See: the #1 nft CryptoPunks... I know there's more to blockchain than the metaverse shit but we already have systems of recording transactions, interacting, making agreements. Not everything needs to be on the blockchain. I'd argue almost nothing does besides some complicated supply chain stuff maybe. But even then it's all about the Benjamins.

Dude why do you think centralized exchanges take off like they do? Because who wants to bother to protect their own funds?? I trust the US banks because theyre human beings with feelings who will hopefully not fuck me over. I cant say the same about any of the crypto exchanges ruled by cold permanent code by dudes on private islands


twohundred37 t1_j00fgd6 wrote

Man, after all of that we sort of agree. Haha. What we’re currently doing with it is dumb. But the technology (hell yeah there’s value in the blockchain! :)) underneath the mess and failings of human nature is, to me, cryptocurrency. It’s an innovation, and if the current global economic problems continue on their current trajectory, it may be a revolution. I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but to me, why not throw 5% of my paycheck at it? It’s cool to watch the space grow. capitalist markets weed out the scammers pretty quickly, and if they don’t, the government intervenes.

It is good to learn where the oppositions come from. You’re right. This is why I’m on Reddit, these discussions. I appreciate your contributions to this one!


sleazy24 t1_j00ja7p wrote

Heck yeah man we always have to strive to find some kind of middle ground. We all offer different perspectives and I know i have bias from my own experiences, not that I haven't had pleasant interactions in the crypto space as well. We all want financial security and accountability for the people with power and influence, and maybe crypto will play a role in a new system. Fingers crossed man. Good luck out there