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RovingMarsRobot t1_j1gvpii wrote

Good. Meanwhile in the progressive cities in the US, they’re trying to ban homeowners and landlords from doing criminal background checks on prospective tenants.

You could try to rent out a room in your house and the government would prevent you from checking if they’ve committed robberies or rapes


ihavestrings OP t1_j1gxf2n wrote

I don't know. If someone has been to jail and finished their jail sentence they have paid their debt to society and shouldn't be punished again by not being able to find a place to live.


RovingMarsRobot t1_j1gxqsz wrote

If that’s fine for you, then you can live with the robbers, thieves, and rapists. The rest of us should be able to check the criminal background of people we let into our homes.


meatyrails t1_j1hk6nl wrote

Or don't rent out your room if you're scared, housing is a human right, rental income is not.


Late-Ad-8520 t1_j1h6acw wrote

Yeah but you know it won’t stop at that, and any minor conviction would be enough to stop someone from having a home. I made a stupid harmless mistake when I was 19 and were it not for the laws in place where I was at the time I would have had to have disclosed that every single time I applied somewhere to work even though it had no bearing on my job.

The laws aren’t there to stop you from protecting yourself, they’re there to stop any conviction at all from barring someone from being a member of society